Jalen Ramsey Unloading $14 Million L.A. Mansion After Trade To Dolphins

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Jalen Ramsey Unloading $14 Mil L.A. Mansion ... After Trade To Dolphins

5/22/2023 2:52 PM PT

Jalen Ramsey is saying goodbye to some L.A.'s shot squad this twelvemonth AND nan insane mansion he called location successful nan metropolis ... TMZ Sports has learned he's put his pad up for waste pursuing his waste and acquisition to nan Dolphins.

The erstwhile Rams cornerback -- pinch nan thief of Compass supplier Lee Mintz -- conscionable listed nan spot connected Monday for $13,995,000 ... and while it's a hefty value tag, it ain't difficult to spot that it's decidedly worthy it.

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The home, located successful nan swanky Hidden Hills, has 7 bedrooms, 8 and a half bathrooms ... and comes pinch its ain hoops tribunal and sauna.

It's besides sewage a theatre room, a vino room, and an insane fittingness room.

The backyard besides has a luxury pool, a recently built impermanent location -- and plentifulness of unthinkable landscaping. There's moreover an area successful nan gait to train for uphill sprints!!

The 28-year-old, who initially bought nan spot from Howie Mandel successful 2020 for $9.5 million, judge didn't look thrilled to person to portion ways pinch nan location ... saying successful a connection Monday, "It is reliable coming to position pinch trading it because I do emotion it."

"You tin relax, play basketball, beryllium healthy, workout," he added, "you tin do it each here."

Of course, Ramsey doesn't person overmuch usage for nan spot these days ... aft being traded to Miami backmost successful March -- he won't beryllium needing to beryllium successful L.A. excessively often for nan foreseeable future.

But, his NFL move could beryllium each your summation ... that is, if you've sewage immoderate earnestly heavy pockets!

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