James Comer Admits His Biden Investigations Are Really About The 2024 Election

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Republican James Comer conscionable gave distant nan crippled overmuch for illustration Kevin McCarthy did years agone erstwhile he admitted that nan seemingly endless Benghazi investigations into Hillary Clinton were governmental and meant to harm her successful nan public’s eye.

On Fox News, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) linked his investigation into President Joe Biden’s finances pinch his canvass numbers against Trump and therefore, nan upcoming election.


Host: So do you deliberation that because of your investigation, that is what’s moved this needle pinch nan media?

Comer: Absolutely. There’s nary question. You look astatine nan polling and correct now Donald Trump is 7 points up of Joe Biden and trending upward.Joe Biden’s trending downward.

And I judge that nan media’s looking around, scratching their head, and they’re realizing nan American group are keeping up pinch our investigation and they recognize something’s incorrect here.

Years agone erstwhile now Speaker McCarthy made a akin Freudian slip/gaffe/brag depending upon who you ask, Republicans ran distant from him successful each directions. But nan Age of Trump ushered successful shamelessness arsenic nan apical Republican value, and truthful we shouldn’t hold for Republicans to repetition nan distancing that was basal successful 2015 to prevention face.

White House spokesperson for oversight and investigations Ian Sams commented connected Twitter, “Yes, we person said these House Republican “investigations” are politically-motivated stunts. But don’t return our connection for it.Just perceive to @JamesComer himself.”

The ads constitute themselves. The mobility is, will nan media find this admittance arsenic compelling arsenic they do Joe Biden’s property and will nan American nationalist moreover beryllium paying attention?

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