Jamie Foxx Still in Rehab Facility, As Family and Friends Visit Over the Weekend

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Jamie Foxx Still successful Rehab Facility As Friends & Family Visit

5/22/2023 12:45 PM PT

jamie foxx

Jamie Foxx is still connected nan mend ... getting round-the-clock curen astatine a installation successful Chicago while his family continues to enactment by his side.

Corrine Foxx

Foxx's daughter, Corinne, and his adjacent friend, Dave Brown, were among Jamie's visitors complete nan weekend. Both looked serious, and seemingly showed up to nan installation for their clip pinch Jamie.

dave brown

TMZ collapsed nan story, Jamie was transferred to nan rehab installation successful Chicago earlier this period aft he was first hospitalized successful Atlanta.

Corrine Foxx

It's not wholly clear what benignant of curen Jamie's getting successful Chicago, but we cognize nan installation offers services to group who are recovering from strokes, spinal injuries and moreover crab treatment. There's nary denotation Foxx has cancer.

Remember, it was early April erstwhile Corinne announced Jamie had suffered a 'medical complication' while he was moving successful Atlanta.

We haven't seen immoderate photos aliases video of Jamie since he was admitted, but things were superior capable for him to miss nan tapings for a caller play of "Beat Shazam" ... his friend, Nick Cannon, was tapped to return over those hosting responsibilities.

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