Janelle Monae Is ‘Much Happier’ When She Doesn’t Wear a Bra: ‘I Can Run Around Free’

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The creator besides talked astir her upcoming medium successful a caller interview.

Janelle Monáe

Janelle Monáe Mason Rose

If there’s thing fans person learned astir Janelle Monae aft releasing her sensual video “Lipstick Lover,” she enjoys flaunting her assemblage and nan beauty that comes pinch it. In a caller question and reply with Rolling Stone, she explained why she appreciates not wearing a bra. 



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“I’m overmuch happier erstwhile my titties are out, and I tin tally astir free,” she told nan publication. In a viral capacity clip connected Twitter earlier this month, Monae lifted her apical and joyfully exposed her breasts.

In a previous question and reply with Zane Lowe, Monae said astir nan imaginative prowess for her upcoming album Age of Pleasure and penning from a candid space. 

“Listen, I’ve had my property of depression. I’ve had my property of anxiety. I’ve had my property of struggle,” Monae said. “And again, it’s not for illustration life is pleasurable each azygous day, but I deliberation I person actively conscionable sought retired … How do I create a abstraction for myself? How do I redirect my mind connected really I’m reasoning astir things? How do I recognize that correct now successful this coming moment, moments that we’ll ne'er get back, this is wherever you request to find your pleasure? This is your moment.”

Elsewhere successful her Rolling Stone interview, Monae besides said astir really her friends influenced nan sound of Age of Pleasure, and really Blackness helped cultivate nan album. “It was inspired by each of my friends, my organization of folks who are from South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, nan Caribbean, Atlanta, L.A., Chicago,” nan vocalist said. “Seeing each of america together successful our Blackness, successful nan emotion that we had successful our eyes for each other. People from nan continent f–k astir pinch trap from Atlanta. You cognize what I’m saying? I emotion really nan diaspora — we talk to each other.”

Monae’s 4th album, Age of Pleasure, drops June 9 via Atlantic Records.

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