Jed Hoyer and Cubs front office let fans down again with trade deadline plans

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Mar 30, 2023; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Chicago Cubs fans observe their squad triumph against nan Milwaukee Brewers astatine Wrigley Field. Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

After a promising commencement to nan season, it sounds for illustration it could beryllium nan aforesaid aged opus for nan Chicago Cubs erstwhile nan MLB waste and acquisition deadline rolls around.

The Chicago Cubs invested this offseason into immoderate large names for illustration Dansby Swanson, Jameson Taillon and Cody Bellinger successful nan hopes of accelerating nan rebuild that has been happening wrong nan Friendly Confines.

However, pinch nan Cubs entering Wednesday astatine 21-26 and successful nan mediate of nan unimpressive National League Central, Jed Hoyer, Chicago’s president of shot operations, whitethorn good participate nan 2023 MLB waste and acquisition deadline connected nan incorrect broadside of nan buy-sell equation.

Chicago Cubs whitethorn beryllium a seller again astatine MLB waste and acquisition deadline

Certainly location is clip for Chicago to move things around, but it’s clear that nan roster moves made successful nan offseason haven’t worked retired connected nan northbound broadside nan measurement that Cubs fans had hoped. Chicago has already jettisoned Eric Hosmer, Taillon has posted an 8.10 ERA successful 7 starts and nan bullpen has been thing but solid. All of those things person turned nan power up connected head David Ross, pinch galore wondering if his clip pinch nan squad is increasing short.

However, Hoyer took immoderate of nan power disconnected Ross connected Tuesday, telling reporters, “Listen, if I’m being candid, I consciousness for illustration I put Rossy successful a reliable spot to a definite extent.”

Hoyer besides added a very absorbing quote erstwhile it comes to nan team’s plans astatine nan waste and acquisition deadline: “How we play complete nan adjacent period is very important,” Hoyer said. “It’s not early forever.”

The Cubs person a 10-day roadworthy travel to California coming up astatine nan commencement of June, pinch stops successful San Diego, Los Angeles (for nan Angels) and San Francisco connected nan docket. That could beryllium a cardinal to whether nan Cubs will beryllium buyers aliases sellers astatine nan waste and acquisition deadline. If nan Cubs travel limping backmost to Chicago from that trip, by nan clip nan squad takes disconnected for London to look nan rival St. Louis Cardinals, nan guidance for nan deadline could go very clear.

As Patrick Mooney from The Athletic wrote, “It’s not excessively soon to commencement worrying astir trading astatine nan waste and acquisition deadline.” It whitethorn not beryllium a guidance Cubs fans want their squad to caput aft an offseason of spending and a March and April filled pinch promise. For a franchise that has relied on, “Wait ’til adjacent year” for decades, Cubs fans are wanting nan squad to find an answers now and not person to spell done yet different roster revision.

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