Jedi Survivor Adds a Twist That Could Change Star Wars Storytelling

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One of nan champion things astir Star Wars can, connected occasion, besides beryllium 1 of nan worst things. It’s nan canon. The truth that each Star Wars stories released these days are happening successful nan aforesaid universe. So whatever happens successful 1 story could, and should, impact nan others.

‘I Started a Yoda Fan Club’

This tin beryllium incredibly cool, starring to fun, affectional payoffs, but it tin besides create all kinds of questions. Not precisely “plot holes,” but questions. Questions like, “If there are dozens of Jedi still alive successful nan beingness astir nan clip of nan original trilogy, why did nary of them thief nan Rebellion conclusion nan Empire?” The existent logic is, erstwhile nan original trilogy was written, nary 1 knew each nan different Jedi were around. That’s each nan merchandise of caller stories. So, we now person to judge that moreover pinch intergalactic communications and recreation by lightspeed, nan postulation is specified a large place, nan different Jedi conscionable didn’t perceive astir it, didn’t care, aliases helped successful ways not felt connected screen.

Which, connected nan 1 hand, we tin bargain because we simply person to. However, pinch each caller story, further elements are added that alteration our knowing of the Star Wars canon—and successful nan latest Star Wars video game, Jedi Survivor, there’s a immense one.

What follows won’t spoil awesome events of nan game, but does talk astir immoderate ample crippled points so, proceed pinch be aware if you haven’t played. 

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Into nan abyss

Into nan abyssScreenshot: EA/James Whitbrook

A fewer hours into Jedi Survivor, nan main communicative of nan crippled becomes Cal Kestis’ desire to find nan satellite of Tanalorr, a satellite that exists connected nan different broadside of an impossible-to-navigate agelong of abstraction called nan Koboh Abyss. The only measurement crossed nan abyss is to find maps from nan past that springiness you nan path, and Cal spends nan mostly of nan crippled doing conscionable that. (Which, we’re now realizing, sounds a full batch for illustration Exegol successful The Rise of Skywalker, but we digress.)

Cal does each this because he believes Tanalorr, pinch its enviable hidden location, is simply a spot he, his friends, and anyone who wants to tin unrecorded peacefully distant from nan unbeatable, evil mightiness of nan Empire. More specifically, he sees it arsenic a imaginable haven for nan surviving Jedi and Force-sensitive beings Darth Vader and his Inquisitors are searching for—those he helped protect astatine nan extremity of nan erstwhile game, destroying a Holocon pinch each their names connected it.

What happens? Well, you tin play nan crippled to find retired specifically. But nan constituent present is nan specified thought of Tanalorr arsenic a malleable, smart changeable of story. And pinch it, Cal’s imaginable occurrence becomes for illustration Star Wars superglue, an reply that tin repair immoderate cracks 1 whitethorn find successful a story. “Why didn’t truthful and truthful show up to help?” “They were connected Tanalorr.” “Did specified and specified really not care?” “Well, they were engaged connected Tanalorr.”

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Screenshot: EA/James Whitbrook

Let’s opportunity Cal is successful. Gets to Tanalorr, starts to bring group hiding from nan Empire there, and builds a full caller society. It’s still 10 years earlier A New Hope, so it’s possible. And, let’s say, that includes immoderate of nan remaining Jedi successful nan galaxy. Tanalorr is their haven. Their sanctuary. Let’s opportunity that happens because that’s Cal’s eventual plan.

Tanalorr is truthful distant and disconnected that anyone location could, hypothetically, beryllium wholly trim disconnected from nan remainder of nan galaxy. It’s for illustration going connected an airplane. With nary compartment service, you person nary thought what’s happening successful nan extracurricular world until you land. So each these questions— “Where was this person?” aliases “Why didn’t this personification thief out?”—can each beryllium answered pinch 1 word: Tanalorr. It’s Star Wars’ caller destination if you want to vanish yourself from nan Empire, and canonical storytelling.

Now, do we really deliberation that’ll really happen? Will this satellite ever beryllium mentioned again extracurricular of nan Jedi games? No. Probably not. It’s excessively large of a cheat. But we deliberation it’s fascinating that this caller portion of nan puzzle is now connected nan table, conscionable waiting for immoderate future Star Wars creators to usage it.

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