Jelly Roll Lays Out His Rise to Fame in Trailer for ‘Save Me’ Documentary

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The ABC News documentary is scheduled to premiere connected Hulu later this month.

Jelly Roll shared nan trailer for his upcoming documentary pinch ABC News, Jelly Roll: Save Me, connected Tuesday (May 23).

“I came retired of jailhouse pinch a plan,” nan tattooed rising prima explains via confessional arsenic nan preview opens. “I was gonna put each portion of power I had into music. It’s almost for illustration somethin’ conscionable clicked correct then. I came location and jumped retired of nan model pinch nary parachute.”

From there, nan “Son of a Sinner” vocalist explains his early life, describing himself arsenic “really a thoroughfare kid that didn’t person immoderate self-worth” who sewage his commencement successful nan manufacture done axenic hustle: sharing mixtapes, playing shows and creating buzz astir his country rap sound and inspirational life story. Before long, he says, “Every grounds explanation successful America started callin’.”

The film, which originates streaming exclusively connected Hulu connected May 30, will besides research Jelly Roll’s philanthropic endeavors, visiting nan juvenile detention halfway wherever he was incarcerated arsenic a teen and speaking to fans astir intelligence wellness and addiction.

“You can change, you tin move this around,” he promises emphatically successful nan trailer. “They said we were excessively fat to beryllium successful nan euphony business, my sound wasn’t cool enough. These are each mountains that we had to conquer … This was my champion stake to really person an impact.”

Jelly Roll: Save Me will get conscionable days earlier nan Nashville native’s debut state album, Whitsitt Chapel, drops June 2 featuring singles “Need a Favor,” “She,” “Unlive” pinch Yelawolf and “Save Me” pinch Lainey Wilson — nan second of which he performed this week during nan American Idol finale.

Watch nan trailer for Jelly Roll: Save Me above.

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