Jets finally run out of fake buzz words to describe the Aaron Rodgers experience

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Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Aaron Rodgers has turned nan New York Jets’ squad installation into a redundant cliche factory, bro!

Who knew that Aaron Rodgers joining nan New York Jets would toggle shape Gang Green into nan Butch Jones era of Tennessee Volunteers shot overnight?!

While it is simply a large woody to person a early first-ballot hall-of-fame backmost locomotion into your building, easy connected nan redundancy, guys. Bless their five-star hearts, 1 activity rep into a Team 121 trash tin astatine a time. I haven’t heard heard aliases seen this galore cliches since Dan Quinn was moving my Atlanta Falcons into nan crushed post-28-3 up successful Flowery Branch. It isn’t moreover June 1 yet, man.

It is not a matter of if but a matter of erstwhile each of these cliches will beryllium plastered onto nan walls successful Florham Park for illustration poorly chosen flash astatine nan section tattoo parlor. Thank nan lord for achromatic paint!

Spoke to aggregate Jets players & coaches astir nan effect of Aaron Rodgers:
*The modular has been raised
*The “little details” are important to Rodgers
*Everyone is being held accountable successful meetings and connected nan field
*He’s ALL IN
*Trust is building

— Dianna Russini (@diannaESPN) May 23, 2023

When you get ready, to get ready, you get fresh and beryllium astir nan shot connected Tell nan Truth Monday…

I want to gouge my eyeballs retired pinch a rusty spoon I recovered location rattling astir I-285, bro.

Aaron Rodgers connected New York Jets has Gang Green spitting retired Butch Jones cliches

Look. I really want Rodgers to beryllium nan champion point to hap to nan Jets since Joe Namath guaranteed a Super Bowl triumph poolside astir nan clip we allegedly landed connected nan moon. The truth will travel retired 1 day… However, erstwhile I americium being bombarded pinch empty-calorie delirium akin to erstwhile Jones and Quinn speak, it triggers me. Yes, immoderate Falcons/Vols fans beryllium retired there…

As acold arsenic nan cliches, they tin beryllium for arsenic agelong arsenic nan Jets win. Do Your Job worked successful New England … until it didn’t. Take Flight useful because it’s y’all’s thing, but don’t effort to return things that worked successful Seattle aliases Cincinnati and effort to use them successful Atlanta and Knoxville for illustration Quinn and Jones wanted to do. I would for illustration to deliberation Robert Saleh is amended than that. Then again, he is only successful his 3rd year.

Frankly, nan Jets request to triumph astir 10 games this play for this Rodgers waste and acquisition to moreover remotely beryllium worthwhile. Go beryllium a top-seven squad successful nan AFC and springiness nan Buffalo Bills a tally for their money. Josh Allen is entering twelvemonth 2 without Brian Daboll giving him each nan answers connected nan test, truthful return advantage of that business wholeheartedly. Take flight, not a page retired of Quinn’s cliche playbook.

You do recognize that Pete Carroll was an atrocious caput coach that 1 clip he led Gang Green?

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