Joe Jonas Shares a Taylor Swift Relationship Update, 15 Years After Their Breakup

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Jonas infamously collapsed up pinch Swift complete nan telephone erstwhile she was 18.

Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas

Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas astatine nan 2008 MTV Video Music Awards astatine Paramount Pictures Studios connected Sept. 7, 2008 successful Los Angeles. Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas’ relationship was chronicled successful respective individual songs featured connected Swift’s 2008 sophomore medium Fearless. In nan clip since, nan 2 person managed to move connected — but what is nan existent position of their narration now?

The Jonas Brothers vocalist gave funny Swifties an update connected nan Monday episode of Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast.

“I’m cool pinch Taylor,” Jonas told Shepard. “We’re cool.” He added of her very loyal fanbase: “I dream to deliberation they for illustration maine … No 1 f—s with the Swifties, you know?” 

Jonas and Swift dated betwixt July and October of 2008; nan pair’s narration infamously ended erstwhile nan Disney Channel alum collapsed up pinch his ex done a little telephone telephone — a move Swift publically shaded during a 2008 quality connected The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“When I find that personification that is correct for me he’ll beryllium awesome and erstwhile I look astatine that person, I’m not moreover gonna beryllium capable to retrieve nan boy who collapsed up pinch maine complete nan telephone successful 25 seconds erstwhile I was 18,” she told nan talk-show big astatine nan time.

Fans tin now perceive Swift’s position connected nan breakup successful Fearless‘ “Forever & Always,” which she confirmed was astir Jonas pursuing their split, but he insists their play from past is simply a relic of nan past. “It’s been many, galore years removed,” he told Shepard.

Listen to Jonas’ quality connected nan Armchair Expert podcast successful afloat below.

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