Jonas Brothers Notch Fourth No. 1 on Top Album Sales Chart

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Plus: Daft Punk's "Random Access Memories" gets a reissue boost, Lauren Daigle debuts and Joji's "Smithereens" surges aft vinyl release.

The Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers Courtesy of Live Nation

Jonas Brothers notch their 4th No. 1 connected Billboard’s Top Album Sales floor plan (dated May 27) arsenic The Album enters atop nan database pinch 35,500 copies sold successful nan U.S. successful nan week ending May 18, according to Luminate. The trio antecedently led nan database pinch Happiness Begins (2019), Lines, Vines and Trying Times (2009) and A Little Bit Longer (2008).


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Also successful nan apical 10 of nan caller Top Album Sales chart, Daft Punk’s erstwhile No. 1 Random Access Memories re-enters astatine No. 2 pursuing its 10th day deluxe reissue, Lauren Daigle’s self-titled medium arrives astatine No. 3 and Joji’s Smithereens re-enters astatine No. 7 aft its vinyl release.

Billboard’s Top Album Sales floor plan ranks nan top-selling albums of nan week based only connected accepted medium sales. The chart’s history dates backmost to May 25, 1991, nan first week Billboard began tabulating charts pinch electronically monitored portion count accusation from SoundScan, now Luminate. Pure medium income were nan sole measurement utilized by nan Billboard 200 albums floor plan done nan database dated Dec. 6, 2014, aft which that floor plan switched to a methodology that blends medium income pinch way balanced medium units and streaming balanced medium units. The caller May 27, 2023-dated floor plan will beryllium posted successful afloat on Billboard‘s website connected May 23. For each floor plan news, travel @billboard and @billboardcharts connected some Twitter and Instagram.

Of The Album’s 35,500 sold, beingness income comprise 29,000 (20,000 connected CD, 9,000 connected vinyl) and integer download income comprise 6,500.

Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories charges backmost onto nan list, arsenic nan erstwhile No. 1 re-enters astatine No. 2 aft its 10th day deluxe reissue connected May 12. The group returns pinch a small complete 32,000 copies sold (up 4,452%) aft nan medium was reissued arsenic a integer download, CD and vinyl LP pinch further tracks.

Lauren Daigle’s caller self-titled workplace medium bows astatine No. 3 connected Top Album Sales, trading 20,000 copies successful its first week. It’s her 2nd apical 10-charting effort, pursuing her past release, 2018’s No. 2-peaking Look Up Child.

Ed Sheeran’s – (Subtract) falls 1-4 successful its 2nd week connected nan list, trading 20,000 copies (down 76%), nan Guardians of nan Galaxy, Vol. 3: Awesome Mix Vol. 3 soundtrack falls 3-5 successful its 2nd framework (19,000; down 33%) and SEVENTEEN’s SEVENTEEN 10th Mini Album: FML dips 4-6 (16,000; down 41%).

Joji’s Smithereens surges backmost onto nan floor plan astatine No. 7 pinch 13,000 copies sold (up 5,272%) aft it was released connected vinyl. The group debuted and peaked astatine No. 2 connected nan Nov. 19, 2022-dated list.

Taylor Swift’s erstwhile leader Midnights falls 6-8 (13,000; up 9%), Agust D’s chart-topping D-Day descends 5-9 (12,000; down 10%) and LE SSERAFIM’s Unforgiven drops 2-10 successful its 2nd week (nearly 12,000; down 69%).

In nan week ending May 18, location were 1.778 cardinal albums sold successful nan U.S. (down 12% compared to nan erstwhile week). Of that sum, beingness albums (CDs, vinyl LPs, cassettes, etc.) comprised 1.448 cardinal (down 12.8%) and integer albums comprised 331,000 (down 8.1%).

There were 620,000 CD albums sold successful nan week ending May 18 (down 15.9% week-over-week) and 817,000 vinyl albums sold (down 10.6%). Year-to-date CD medium income guidelines astatine 13.293 cardinal (up 5.2% compared to nan aforesaid clip framework a twelvemonth ago) and year-to-date vinyl medium income full 18.789 cardinal (up 27.4%).

Overall year-to-date medium income full 39.333 cardinal (up 10.3% compared to nan aforesaid year-to-date clip framework a twelvemonth ago). Year-to-date beingness medium income guidelines astatine 32.289 cardinal (up 17.1%) and integer medium income full 7.043 cardinal (down 13.1%).

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