Jose Altuve injury update: Everything to know about Astros star

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Jose Altuve, Houston Astros (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

Jose Altuve, Houston Astros (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

Jose Altuve near Tuesday’s crippled pinch an untimely wounded for nan Houston Astros. 

Every Houston Astros instrumentality held their activity Tuesday nighttime erstwhile Jose Altuve exited nan crippled successful nan sixth inning. Dusty Baker went connected nan section to cheque connected Altuve individually earlier nan All-Star 2nd basemen departed for nan locker room.

After nan game, it was reported that Altuve was “feeling sick.” While overmuch much went incorrect for nan ‘Stros connected Tuesday — a 6-0 nonaccomplishment to nan Milwaukee Brewers — Altuve’s exodus was decidedly nan superior storyline.

Altuve has only played successful 4 games for Houston aft missing nan season’s first 43 games owed to a fractured thumb.

Houston Astros’ 2B Jose Altuve wounded not thought to beryllium significant

Dusty Baker told reporters that Altuve was held retired for “precautionary reasons,” noting that location was thing disconnected astir Altuve’s demeanor nan full night. According to Chandler Rome of The Athletic, Altuve’s sound could beryllium heard successful nan locker room aft nan crippled but he was not made disposable for interviews.

The Astros entered Tuesday night’s crippled connected an eight-game triumph streak. Altuve’s return has intelligibly revitalized Houston; nan Astros are presently 28-20, placing them 2.0 games down nan first-place Texas Rangers successful nan AL West.

Baker would not explain Altuve’s position for Wednesday afternoon’s rematch pinch Milwaukee, but 1 has to ideate Houston will dainty him cautiously aft specified a agelong absence. The MLB regular play is an unforgiving grind — 162 games, galore of which tin blend together and consciousness inconsequential by season’s end. The Astros are title hopefuls and should perfectly play nan agelong crippled pinch Altuve.

Altuve has registered 3 hits successful 12 at-bats for Houston since his return to nan lineup. That’s only a mini sensation of what he’s tin of. The 33-year-old smacked 28 dingers, batted successful 57 runs, and vanished 5th successful AL MVP voting past season. Astros fans will nary uncertainty dream he’s backmost successful nan lineup arsenic soon arsenic possible.

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