Juanes Renews Universal Music Latino Recording Contract

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The Colombian rocker extends his 23-year-old business pinch nan label.


Juanes, left, and Jesús López, president and CEO of Universal Music Latin America & nan Iberian Peninsula, renew their signaling contract. Luther Redd

Juanes has renewed his signaling statement pinch Universal Music Latino, Billboard Español tin denote connected Thursday (May 25). With this deal, nan Colombian rocker extends a 23-year-old business pinch nan label.

The news comes conscionable days aft nan merchandise of Vida Cotidiana, his first medium pinch original euphony successful 4 years.

“Throughout nan years Universal Music Latino has go a 2nd location and I americium excited to proceed moving pinch specified a respected label,” Juanes said successful a property release. “I judge that my philharmonic profession will proceed to thrive and turn wrong this caller imaginative cycle. I americium eager to spot and stock what nan early holds.”

Jesús López, president and CEO of Universal Music Latin America & nan Iberian Peninsula, added that nan explanation “will proceed to support and turn pinch Juanes,” whose “talent and professionalism person made him 1 of nan astir sought retired acts for truthful galore decades.”

No further specifications of nan woody renewal were announced. As for publishing, Juanes remains pinch Warner Chappell Music.

Juanes made his solo debut successful 2000 pinch nan Gustavo Santaolalla-produced Fíjate Bien, and roseate to fame soon aft pinch hits for illustration “A Dios Le Pido” from his sophomore medium Un Día Normal (2002,) which reached No. 2 connected nan Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart, and “La Camisa Negra” from Mi Sangre (2004), which spent 8 weeks astatine No. 1. “Me Enamora”, “Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor” and “La Fotografía,” pinch Nelly Furtado, are immoderate of his different chart-topping hits.

Among different achievements, Juanes has won 3 Grammy Awards and 24 Latin Grammys, and was named nan Latin Recording Academy Person of nan Year of 2019 not only for his activity arsenic a musician, but besides arsenic an activistic pinch his Fundación Mi Sangre.

In a recent interview pinch Billboard Español, nan superstar said successful extent astir his astir caller production, Vida Cotidiana, successful which he reflects connected his narration pinch his woman and children and nan problems that afflict his country. Juanes is presently preparing to denote his Vida Cotidiana Tour, pinch expected dates successful Latin America, nan U.S. and Europe.

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