Kanye West Sued by The Gap for $2 Million

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Kanye West Gap Sues For $2 Mil ... You Created Huge Mess!!!

5/23/2023 1:32 PM PT

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Kanye West and Gap are still beefing successful nan aftermath of their grounded business ... and now things are getting nasty successful nan shape of a $2 cardinal lawsuit.

According to caller ineligible docs, obtained by TMZ, Gap wants Kanye to ft nan measure for immoderate damages it mightiness incur successful a suit it's facing ... because Gap feels Ye and his institution are responsible for putting them successful this mess.

As for that messiness -- Gap is being sued by Art City Center, a institution that says it owns a building successful downtown L.A. that was leased to Gap arsenic a storefront for Kanye's Yeezy clothing line.

Art City Center says nan building underwent a ton of unapproved alterations erstwhile Gap was hawking nan Yeezy collab successful 2021 and 2022 ... and nan institution is suing Gap complete nan costs to reconstruct nan premises. So, Gap is, essentially, trying to walk that subordinate to Kanye.

In nan suit, Gap says its statement pinch Kanye called for Gap to not beryllium held liable for immoderate claims for illustration this that mightiness beryllium brought against them.

Gap is going aft Kanye for much than $2 cardinal ... which includes nan magnitude nan institution thinks it's astir to get dinged for complete nan Yeezy shop -- positive a small other for Gap's attorneys fees, of course.



As we reported ... Kanye pulled nan plug connected his business pinch Gap backmost successful September, claiming nan institution double-crossed him pinch quiet promises.

We reached retired to Kanye's campy ... truthful acold nary connection back.

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