Kesha Reveals How Rick Rubin Made Her Love Music Again: ‘We Never Once Talked About Singles, Radio, Any of It’

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The vocalist tells Zane Lowe what it was for illustration to activity pinch nan shaper connected her latest album.


Kesha Vince Haycock

Rick Rubin is renowned for his awesome group of ears. Kesha discovered he’s besides a awesome listener. The “Raising Hell” vocalist precocious marked a return to euphony with Gag Order, her susceptible soul-searching 5th album.


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Rubin produced the 13-track set, which Kesha and her squad had described arsenic a “post-pop” enactment of “emotional exorcism” connected which she finds empowerment successful baptism-by-fire self-discovery and acceptance.

There were times, not truthful agelong ago, erstwhile it was nan courtroom — not nan workplace — that was demanding Kesha’s attention.

She notably entered into a ineligible conflict pinch Dr. Luke successful 2014, erstwhile nan shaper and Kemosabe Records laminitis revenge a defamation suit against her for alleging that he drugged and raped her successful 2005. Just a fewer months ago, a New York judge scheduled a caller proceedings commencement day of July 19 for nan lawsuit aft cardinal issues made its anterior February commencement day unworkable.

Making euphony pinch Rubin has been a salve. She’d fallen retired pinch her craft, but moving pinch nan uber-producer, she told Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe, “has now made maine autumn successful emotion pinch euphony again because I remembered why we each emotion it and why I loved it.”

Kesha sat for a chat pinch nan New Zealand-born broadcaster, and Billboard has an exclusive sneak peek of nan interview.

Joining forces pinch Rubin “was nan first clip successful my life I sat pinch personification and they were like, ‘Let’s conscionable make what we some deliberation is cool,’” she recounts. ”You are not being a conveyance for thing that you will please others pinch and get paid, admiration, et cetera.”

Gag Order, which dropped May 19 and features nan dual lead singles “Fine Line” and nan trippy “Eat nan Acid,” was nan merchandise of immoderate good-old fashioned communication.

“The full process pinch Rick that blew my mind was being coming successful really I consciousness and making it travel retired into nan opus successful a measurement that felt for illustration it’s reflective of nan feeling, a sound that reflects a feeling,” she recounts.

“And I conscionable had ne'er made creation for that intent before, for illustration subconsciously. I didn’t really know, but successful making these songs pinch Rick, we ne'er erstwhile talked astir singles, radio, immoderate of it. It was just, ‘We’re making a opus astir really you feel.’ And that still benignant of blows my mind because nan entirety of my life, location was this illusion of what it was for.”

If Kesha was pleased pinch nan process, fans were thrilled pinch nan outcome. Music fans voted successful a canvass published May 19 connected Billboard, choosing Gag Order as their favourite caller euphony merchandise of nan erstwhile week, raking successful immoderate 68% of nan vote.

The question and reply airs successful afloat astatine 1 p.m. ET connected Apple Music 1.

Watch nan exclusive clip below.

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