Kevin McCarthy Bails On Debt Limit Talks Because He’s Not Getting His Way

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Speaker Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans pulled retired of indebtedness limit talks because they declare nan conversations aren’t productive.

Politico reported:

“We’ve decided to property pause, because it’s conscionable not productive,” Graves told reporters successful nan Capitol arsenic he near a gathering that had begun astir 10 a.m. connected Friday. He was joined by House Financial Services Committee Chair Patrick McHenry (R.N.C.).

A White House charismatic acknowledged that a snag had occurred without indicating that either broadside had walked distant from nan table: “There are existent differences betwixt nan parties connected fund issues and talks will beryllium difficult. The President’s squad is moving difficult towards a reasonable bipartisan solution that tin walk nan House and nan Senate.”

It is not productive is codification for Democrats and nan White House are refusing to work together to nan benignant of cuts that House Republicans are demanding.

The book has flipped. Biden and nan Democrats are astatine nan negotiating table, while Republicans are imperiling nan United States system by stepping away.

House Republicans were illusion if they really believed that Democrats would work together to nan cuts that they were demanding. It was ne'er going to happen.

House Republicans could extremity this situation tomorrow by passing a cleanable indebtedness limit increase. The blasted Biden and nan Democrats crippled has backfired.

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