Kevin McCarthy’s Nightmare: Strong Majority Agree With Biden On Debt Limit

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A caller Monmouth University Poll recovered that Americans work together pinch President Biden’s position by a much than 2 to 1 separator connected nan indebtedness limit.

According to nan Monmouth University Poll:

Some group opportunity nan state will suffer important economical problems if nan indebtedness ceiling is not raised. More Americans opportunity these expectations are meticulous (42%) than judge they are exaggerated (30%), though 28% person nary sentiment connected this. Among those who person heard a batch astir nan existent indebtedness limit debate, a clear mostly of 56% opportunity predictions of economical turmoil are meticulous while 33% opportunity they are exaggerated. Overall, Democrats are much apt to opportunity that expectations of economical problems from default are meticulous (58%) alternatively than exaggerated (15%), while Republicans are much apt to person a contrary sentiment (47% exaggerated and 26% accurate).

Just 1 successful 4 (25%) Americans deliberation nan indebtedness ceiling should beryllium tied to negotiations complete spending connected national programs, while half (51%) opportunity nan 2 issues should beryllium dealt pinch separately. Among those who person heard a batch astir nan existent debate, nan number who opportunity nan 2 issues should beryllium dealt pinch separately rises somewhat to 58%. A clear mostly (65%) of Democrats opportunity nan indebtedness ceiling should beryllium handled connected its own. Republicans are evenly divided betwixt handling nan indebtedness limit separately (37%) and tying it to national spending negotiations (37%).

Kevin McCarthy Doesn’t Have A Majority Of Republicans Agreeing With Him

Kevin McCarthy can’t moreover get a mostly of Republicans behind his position that spending cuts must beryllium portion of a indebtedness limit increase.

House Republicans are moving pinch glee into a slow-moving disaster for them that is unfolding for everyone to spot successful beforehand of them.

If McCarthy and nan Republicans insist connected plunging nan federation into default, nan level of support is going to autumn instantly retired from nether Kevin McCarthy and his House Republicans.

Kevin McCarthy has been blaming everyone and everything other for nan indebtedness ceiling situation that he and his caucus person caused. 

The nightmare script for Republicans is that McCarthy’s weakness sinks nan full party. The Monmouth University Poll suggests that if they origin a default, nan GOP nightmare will go a reality.

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