Kim Petras Is Ready to ‘Feed the Beast’ With New Album Art & Tracklist Reveal

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The caller group will characteristic antecedently released collabs pinch Nicki Minaj and Sam Smith, arsenic good arsenic an unheard team-up pinch alt-pop creator BANKS.

Kim Petras 'Feed The Beast'

Kim Petras 'Feed The Beast' Courtesy Photo

With a fewer hit songs and a headline-making Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue screen nether her belt, Kim Petras is fresh to make her adjacent large move.

On Tuesday (May 23), Petras unveiled nan medium artwork and tracklist for her forthcoming debut album, Feed nan Beast. In nan caller art, nan “Coconuts” vocalist tin beryllium seen opinionated pinch damp hairsbreadth and wearing thing but a wrought-iron concatenation wrapped astir her torso, arsenic she covers herself pinch her well-manicured hands.

If you were getting damsel-in-distress vibes from nan image alone, it seems that was intentional. On nan backmost screen of nan forthcoming medium arsenic shown connected Petras’ Twitter account, nan charismatic tracklist is shown adjacent to a image of a glowing, crystalline beard leaning against an obsidian rock. Paired pinch nan pop star’s usage of a castle emoji successful announcing nan project’s creation — arsenic good arsenic nan truth that there’s a opus called “Castle successful nan Sky” connected nan task — it would each look to hint astatine a much fantastical setup for nan album.

As for nan tracklist, Petras’ caller group of collaborations pinch Sam Smith and Nicki Minaj — “Unholy” and “Alone,” respectively — some make appearances connected nan forthcoming project. The popular princess is besides teaming up pinch alt-pop vocalist BANKS for an upcoming opus titled “BAIT.”

Feed nan Beast is retired June 23 via Republic Records/Amigo Records. Check retired nan charismatic medium creation and afloat tracklist for Feed nan Beast below:

Kim Petras 'Feed The Beast'

Kim Petras ‘Feed The Beast’ Courtesy Photo

Feed nan Beast tracklist:

  1. “Feed nan Beast”
  2. “Alone” feat. Nicki Minaj
  3. “King of Hearts”
  4. “Thousand Pieces”
  5. “Uh Oh”
  6. “Revelations”
  7. “BAIT” feat. BANKS
  8. “Sex Talk”
  9. “Hit It From nan Back”
  10. “Claws”
  11. “Minute”
  12. “Coconuts”
  13. “Castle In nan Sky”
  14. “Brrr”
  15. “Unholy” pinch Sam Smith

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