Kris Jenner Attends Lakers Game, Supports Tristan Thompson

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Kris Jenner Supports Tristan Thompson At Game 4 ... Celebs Show Out!!!

5/23/2023 7:17 AM PT

kris jenner

Kris Jenner was sitting courtside Tuesday night, supporting Tristan Thompson -- and possibly bringing nan NBA vet immoderate luck -- 'cause not only did TT get a decent magnitude of burn, he besides scored his first points successful weeks!

Unfortunately for fans of nan purple and gold, it wasn't capable to support nan brooms astatine bay ... and nan Lakers were swept by nan Nuggets.

Jenner showed up to Arena pinch bae Corey Gamble ... and nan 2 sat first row, on nan baseline for nan pivotal game.

lebron james

32-year-old Thompson yet played 10 minutes, making 2 of his 4 attempted section goals for 4 points and 1 rebound.

Before crippled 4, Tristan had only played 1 infinitesimal full successful nan first 3 games.

Jenner's beingness is seemingly further impervious everything is bully connected nan Thompson-Kardashian-Jenner front. In fact, erstwhile Tristan was first signed by nan organization, Corey not only attended a crippled but besides partied pinch TT afterward.


Kim Kardashian has besides been to aggregate games ... though Tristan didn't play.

Kris wasn't nan only celeb successful nan building past nighttime ... nan spot was jam-packed pinch celebs.

Everyone from Vin Diesel, to Floyd Mayweather, Alex Rodriguez, Kyrie Irving and Edward Norton attended nan game.

Despite each nan prima powerfulness watching on, it wasn't capable for nan Lakers to complete flooded 2x NBA MVP Nikola Jokic and nan Nuggets.

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