Kroy Biermann Says Kim Zolciak Has Gambling Problem, Wants Her To Get Psych Exam

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Kroy Biermann Kim's Got Gambling Problem ... She Needs Psych Exam!!!

5/22/2023 9:38 AM PT

Kroy Biermann kim Zolciak

Kroy Biermann says his estranged wife, Kim Zolciak, spends truthful overmuch clip gambling their money distant online, she can't return attraction of their kids ... and now he's asking nan judge to bid a intelligence information for her.

According to caller ineligible docs, obtained by TMZ, Kroy says Kim's been showing immoderate "very troubling behavior" that's accelerated successful nan months starring up to their divorce.

Kroy claims Kim has admitted to him that she's spending a batch of clip and money connected online gambling and different games of chance, and he claims her "compulsion" has devastated nan family financially.

What's more, Kroy claims Kim is truthful consumed pinch online gambling she's incapable to decently attraction for nan couple's 4 insignificant children ... and arsenic a result, he says he's concerned for nan kiddos' information and well-being.

Kroy says it's successful nan champion liking of their kids for Kim to beryllium for a psych exam ... he suspects her alleged gambling problem whitethorn beryllium nan consequence of underlying intelligence wellness issues for illustration depression, anxiety, narcissistic characteristic disorder, bipolar upset aliases ADHD.

TMZ collapsed nan communicative ... Kim and Kroy are heavy successful nan hole, owing much than $1 cardinal to nan IRS.

The divorcement is getting uglier by nan time ... Kroy's ineligible papers travel connected nan heels of Kim asking a judge to measurement successful and unit Kroy to get a supplier test.

'Real Housewives' Star Kim Zolciak Files For Divorce From Kroy Biermann

'Real Housewives' Star Kim Zolciak Files For Divorce From Kroy Biermann

As we first reported ... some Kim and Kroy revenge abstracted divorcement petitions earlier this month, and they are some seeking custody of nan kids ... and nan caller filings bespeak things are getting nasty.

Kim and Kroy are still living nether nan aforesaid roof pinch their kids, successful nan aforesaid Georgia property that went into foreclosure earlier this twelvemonth ... truthful it's a safe stake tensions betwixt nan 2 are moving high.

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