Kyle Chrisley Charges Dropped After Allegedly Threatening to Kill Estranged Wife

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KYLE CHRISLEY Death Threat Charges Dropped ... Ex-Wife Not Cooperating

5/27/2023 12:50 AM PT

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Todd Chrisley's son, Kyle Chrisley, is nary longer facing criminal charges aft being arrested for allegedly telling his estranged woman he'd termination her ... TMZ has learned.

According to caller ineligible docs, obtained by TMZ, prosecutors successful Georgia opportunity nan charges against Kyle person been dropped because nan alleged unfortunate is nary longer cooperating.

The DeKalb County D.A. tells TMZ … "After further investigation, reappraisal of nan grounds and chat pinch nan victim, based connected each facts and circumstances our agency declined to prosecute nan case."

TMZ collapsed nan communicative ... erstwhile Kyle was picked up by cops successful Oklahoma connected supplier charges backmost successful May 2019, constabulary besides recovered retired he was wanted successful Georgia for allegedly threatening to termination his estranged wife.

The woman, Alexus Chrisley, initially told authorities successful Georgia, Kyle had made decease threats against her successful January 2019 via matter message.

As we reported ... Alexus claimed Kyle sent her a text, saying ... "[N]ot earlier I extremity you. Im going to nan streets I will get my s**t and return attraction of this problem pinch you because if I'm not pinch you cipher will be. Bye Alexus."

Alexus told constabulary she texted back, "thats a threat to my life" ... to which Kyle allegedly answered, "yes :Lexi it was. Goodbye."

Cops opportunity Alexus besides claimed Kyle sent photos of himself pointing a limb astatine his head.

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While Kyle is disconnected nan hook successful this case, he's still sewage different ineligible issues ... arsenic we first reported, he was booked for felony aggravated assault successful Tennessee backmost successful March aft allegedly brandishing a weapon during a fight.

Kyle tells TMZ nan charges successful Georgia being dropped has "been a agelong clip coming," and he's happy he "can put that portion of my life down maine for good."

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