Kyle Kuzma trolls Lakers for their wholesome offseason plans

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Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Kuzma trolled nan Lakers connected Twitter aft their wholesome attack to handling this offseason sounded a spot excessively familiar.

After playing 4 seasons pinch nan Lakers and helping them unafraid their 2020 championship, Kyle Kuzma still seems salty astir his departure from LA.

Combine getting swept by nan Nuggets pinch LeBron hinting astatine retirement, and you person nan existent feeble authorities of nan Los Angeles Lakers. Undeniably, the Lakers person a batch of activity to do this offseason. With assets for illustration Austin Reaves and Jared Vanderbilt, if you’re successful nan Lakers’ beforehand office, nan occupation only gets that overmuch much difficult. Who’s going to get paid what? Who do you support happy? Who do you trim ties with?

The NBA is simply a business and not a friends one. Kuzma knows this amended than anyone. After all, he was traded successful 2021 arsenic portion of nan Russel Westbrook blockbuster deal, and aft seeing nan Laker’s plans for this upcoming offseason, Kuzma took to Twitter:

Kyle Kuzma hasn’t forgiven nan Lakers for changing their mind astir trading him

Despite earning a overmuch bigger domiciled pinch nan Wizards, it appears Kuzma still feels a definite measurement astir that young Lakers halfway he was erstwhile a portion of, and what could’ve been if they each stuck together.

For context, nan Lakers drafted Kuzma pinch nan 27th wide prime successful 2017. He joined a young, quiet halfway featuring Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and Lonzo Ball. All 3 are nary longer pinch nan team, which is precisely what Kuzma meant by nan tweet.

Admittedly, reasoning of Kuzma, Ball, and Ingram connected nan accelerated break aft a fewer training camps together is simply a very enticing concept. However, whether it’s watching Hart pinch nan Knicks, Lonzo successful Chicago, aliases B.I. successful New Orleans, seeing each these erstwhile Lakers flourish elsewhere successful nan NBA, only helps validate Kuzma’s constituent and frustration.

Statistics show this year, Kuzma averaged 21.2 points, 7.2 rebounds, and 3.7 assists per game. Though it’s worthy noting that he hasn’t received immoderate All-NBA honors aliases accolades since departing from nan Lakers. His past accolade? All-Rookie First Team successful 2018. Given Kuzma’s vocal discontent pinch really things were handled, nan Lakers’ trigger-happy transaction history and his ain free agency this offseason, could we beryllium looking astatine a return for Kyle Kuzma successful nan purple and gold?

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