Lamar Jackson not big-timing Ravens, even after new contract

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Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens (Mandatory Credit: Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports)

Lamar Jackson is not skipping retired connected nan opportunity to turn pinch his Baltimore Ravens teammates. 

After a agelong standoff, Lamar Jackson and nan Baltimore Ravens agreed to a five-year, $260 cardinal statement earlier this month. The historical woody made Jackson nan highest-paid subordinate successful NFL history and cemented his early pinch nan squad that drafted him.

It would’ve been easy for Jackson, having secured generational wealthiness for his family, to return a measurement backmost and relax this summer. But that’s not really nan erstwhile MVP is wired.

Under a caller violative coordinator successful Todd Monken, nan Ravens will present important changes to their discourtesy adjacent season. Jackson and his teammates will walk nan summertime getting acquainted pinch nan caller system.

Lamar Jackson is showing up to activity early for nan Baltimore Ravens

Jackson missed nan first time of OTAs, but he showed up to nan squad installation connected Tuesday and doesn’t scheme connected missing immoderate much sessions, according to Josh Alper of NBC Sports. Jackson emphasized to reporters nan value of getting comfortable pinch nan changes.

“New offense. Had to get that down pat earlier nan play rolls successful because nan season’s getting there. We’ve sewage a mates months left, but still conscionable wanted to study nan caller discourtesy and beryllium pinch my guys.”

Noteworthy are nan unfamiliar faces Jackson will person connected offense: notably successful his receiving corps pinch Odell Beckham Jr. and first-round prime Zay Flowers. The Ravens’ caller discourtesy is expected to skew much heavy toward nan passing game, which intends Jackson will get plentifulness of opportunities to link pinch his soon-to-be favourite downfield targets.

It’s clear nan 26-year-old is excited by nan prospect of relying much connected his arm. Jackson faced years of criticism, some pre-draft and post-draft, astir his affinity for running. There’s nary uncertainty Jackson will still usage his legs for Baltimore — his expertise to improvise and scramble is what makes him truthful typical — but Jackson will yet get nan chance to soundlessness those who uncertainty his accuracy and precision arsenic a pouch passer.

The Ravens are built to win. Jackson was won nan individual accolades; now he has to scope nan mountaintop. That will beryllium nan extremity successful 2023, and Jackson is proving already that he’s consenting to put successful nan work.

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