Lana Del Rey’s ‘Say Yes To Heaven’ Set For U.K. Top 10

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Kylie Minogue is connected way for her highest-charting azygous successful almost a decade.

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey Neil Krug

Lana Del Rey‘s long-overdue merchandise of “Say Yes To Heaven” (via Polydor) could instantly onshore her a U.K. apical 10.

The U.S. replacement popular prima blasts to No. 8 connected nan floor plan update, and is connected way for nan week’s apical debut.

Co-written and produced successful 2012 pinch her predominant collaborator Rick Nowels, “Heaven” was trim for nan Ultraviolence album, but didn’t make nan last tracklist for that aliases consequent recordings. The way was leaked successful October 2020 and took connected a viral life of its own, culminating successful a merchandise due last Friday.

Clearly Del Rey’s early worldly has a beardown relationship pinch U.K. fans.


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See latest videos, charts and news

If it keeps its pace, “Say Yes To Heaven” will springiness Del Rey her first solo apical 10 azygous successful nan U.K. since “Born to Die” successful 2012. To date, she’s bagged 5 U.K. apical 10s, 3 of which are collaborations — “Summertime Sadness,” “Don’t Call Me Angel,” and Taylor Swift’s “Snow connected nan Beach.”

Meanwhile, Australia’s princess of popular Kylie Minogue is eyeing a floor plan scatter pinch her caller azygous “Padam Padam” (BMG). The electronic-pop number arrives astatine No. 26 connected nan floor plan blast, and would springiness Kylie a 52nd apical 40 deed if it holds its shape successful nan 2nd half of nan cycle.

The single, which Minogue performed Sunday nighttime (May 21) for nan last of American Idol, could beryllium her highest introduction connected nan Official U.K. Singles Chart since “Into The Blue” peaked astatine No. 12 successful 2014.

Meanwhile, astatine nan apical of nan floor plan blast, Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding stay connected way for a seventh non-consecutive week successful complaint pinch “Miracle” (Columbia).

All will beryllium revealed erstwhile nan Official U.K. Singles Chart is published precocious Friday (May 26).

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