LeBron James Considering Retirement After Lakers Lose To Nuggets

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LeBron James Considering Retirement After Lakers Loss ... 'Got A Lot To Think About'

5/23/2023 6:06 AM PT

Courtesy of NBA

The Nuggets didn't conscionable destruct nan Lakers from nan postseason connected Monday nighttime -- they whitethorn person ended LeBron James' profession excessively ... 'cause nan L.A. superstar said aft nan Game 4 nonaccomplishment he's now earnestly considering retirement.

A somber James met pinch reporters aft Denver completed its expanse of nan Lakers successful nan Western Conference Finals ... and aft fielding questions for astir a twelve minutes, 'Bron made it clear, he mightiness not beryllium backmost for nan 2023-24 season.

"We'll spot what happens going forward," James said to a throng of media members pursuing nan 113-111 defeat. "I don't know. I don't know. I sewage a batch to deliberation about, to beryllium honest. I sewage a batch to deliberation about, to beryllium honest."

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While James is 38 years old, nary 1 saw status coming this soon ... aft all, he's still nan Lakers' champion subordinate -- and successful nan series-clinching nonaccomplishment Monday night, he still dropped 40 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists.

But, James -- who conscionable wrapped up his 20th twelvemonth successful nan NBA -- did battle a ft injury for astir of nan play ... and L.A. doesn't overmuch room to importantly amended its roster adjacent play owed to nan team's existent net headdress situation.

Plus, James' kids are going done immoderate years of their lives that LeBron surely wouldn't mind being location for much often than not.

"Just for maine personally," he said, "going guardant pinch nan crippled of basketball, I sewage a batch to deliberation about."

Next play doesn't statesman for 5 much months ... clip to commencement holding your breath, Lakers fans!

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