Legendary Final Fantasy Artist Is (Probably) Coming To Fortnite

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A cosmetic Fortnite leak shows Yoshitaka Amano-themed items and a caller characteristic skin.

Image: Epic Games / Kotaku

Fortnite’s reputation arsenic 1 of nan best-looking and creative games retired location will soon person yet different creator changeable successful nan limb according to an update leak. According to a caller cosmetic items leak, nan celebrated conflict royale shooter will soon beryllium collaborating pinch nan legendary Final Fantasy artist, Yoshitaka Amano.

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First spotted by Fortnite news instrumentality relationship iFireMonkey, nan upcoming V24.40 update will see cosmetic items designed by Amano. Further introspection of nan leak on nan ResetEra forum appears to corroborate that Amano designed a characteristic tegument called “Crossheart.”

Kotaku reached retired to Epic Games for comment.

The Amano skin, Crossheart, depicts a ray gothic woman wearing a reddish latex dress who looks for illustration a transverse betwixt Scooby-Doo! and nan Witch’s Ghost’s Hex Girls frontwoman, Thorn, and Kill Bill’s Gogo Yubari. According to ResetEra, nan tegument will beryllium included successful a group called “Amano’s Heart,” which contains a glider, a harvesting tool, a wrap, backmost bling, and colorful Amano loading-screen artwork of Crossheart and immoderate fantastical demons. It’s yet to beryllium confirmed whether aliases not Amano had thing to do pinch nan designs of nan different Crossheart-themed cosmetic items.

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This isn’t nan first clip that nan prolific Final Fantasy artist has graced america pinch pop-culture artwork extracurricular of Square Enix’s action-RPG series. Last year, nan 71-year-old creator lent his painterly artistic to a romanticist version screen of Detective Comics #1093 depicting Batman holding a woman who fans judge to beryllium his lover/occasional enemy, Talia al Ghul. As is tradition, Amano besides made artwork for nan upcoming PlayStation 5-exclusive game, Final Fantasy XVI. Should nan latest leak beryllium legit, folks will soon beryllium repping Amano’s trendy artwork successful style successful Fortnite while ducking sniper shots from a Super Saiyan Blue Goku, arsenic God intended.

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