Lenny Kravitz, Billie Eilish, H.E.R. and Jon Batiste Team for ‘Power Our Planet: Live In Paris’ Concert

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The Global Citizen run has eager goals for tackling nan contiguous ambiance crisis.

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish attends nan 2023 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones astatine Wallis Annenberg Center for nan Performing Arts connected March 12, 2023 successful Beverly Hills, Calif. Robert Smith/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

On June 22, immoderate of today’s astir celebrated musicians will play a free performance astatine Paris’ iconic Champ de Mars astatine nan ft of nan Eiffel Tower. The ticketed arena — Power Our Planet: Live In Paris, headlined by Lenny Kravitz, Billie Eilish, H.E.R. and Jon Batiste (who boast a corporate 21 Grammys betwixt them) pinch typical guests Ben Harper, FINNEAS and Mosimann – is portion of Global Citizen’s run for world leaders to make serious, meaningful commitments astatine nan Summit for a New Global Financial Pact, hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron successful Paris connected June 22-23.



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See latest videos, charts and news

While Global Citizen has been holding world concerts for complete a decade now, CEO and co-founder Hugh Evans says nan stakes are arsenic precocious arsenic they’ve ever been for our planet. “The past fewer years person been a disaster for advancement connected ambiance change,” Evans bluntly states. “This is nan captious year.”

With real-life examples of ambiance catastrophe becoming regular news headlines and nan overwhelming technological statement informing america that it will only get worse successful our lifetimes without contiguous action, Global Citizen is laser-focused connected bridging nan financial spread betwixt nan richest countries and nan poorest, astir climate-vulnerable nations. And while President Biden brought nan U.S. backmost into nan Paris Agreement successful 2021 and U.S. Secretary of nan Treasury Janet Yellen has described ambiance alteration arsenic an “existential threat,” Evans says acold from capable is being done tackle nan world threat.

“Everyone likes nan talk astir ambiance alteration but that’s portion of what makes it specified a problem – only a definite magnitude of existent tangible actions will lead to existent outcomes,” Evans says. “I’m honestly shocked much ambiance advocates aren’t racing to reside this issue.”

“The adjacent procreation are inheriting a satellite that’s being devastated by ambiance change,” says Kravitz. “We person nan powerfulness to alteration things pinch our voices and our actions. Join maine connected June 22, from wherever you are, and enactment coming to prevention tomorrow.”

Although Congress remains successful gridlock complete indebtedness ceiling talks, Evans says nan Biden management – Yellen successful peculiar – has nan expertise to make an contiguous alteration conscionable by picking up a phone.

“If [Yellen] signaled to nan World Bank that nan U.S. will proceed to money nan World Bank, that increases nan expertise of nan World Bank to indebtedness more. Do they judge nan U.S. is committed agelong word to nan World Bank’s success? If they do, they tin lend much and that money tin beryllium instantly deployed to tackle ambiance change.”

Pointing to emerging markets specified arsenic Barbados and Myanmar, Evans says they “can’t spend to modulation consecutive to cleanable energy” without loans. “We’re pragmatic activists looking astatine data, astatine each nan facts, and asking what tin make nan biggest effect for nan world’s mediocre correct now?” The answer, he says, is bridging nan $26 cardinal finance gap. And that number isn’t rather arsenic imposing arsenic it whitethorn sound. Not only are immoderate countries sitting connected a mixed $16.7 cardinal successful promised ambiance financing to lower-income countries which hasn’t yet been deployed, but Evans says nan World Bank’s “appalling” equity-to-loan power successful 2022 meant “they were sitting connected $25 cardinal successful uninvested capital.”

A telephone from Yellen to incoming World Bank President Ajay Banga (who takes complete successful June) would statesman to span that gap. “The U.S. management has nan expertise to propulsion these levers comparatively easy by signaling to ratings agencies that they will proceed to put successful nan World Bank, for illustration they person since nan Second World War,” Evans says. “That awesome has a immense effect connected assurance and nan expertise of nan World Bank to lend more. The U.S. Treasury has to play a bigger domiciled and nan White House has to return a greater role.”

The way toward that greater domiciled originates June 22 successful Paris, which hosts nan Summit for a New Global Financial Pact arsenic good arsenic nan Power Our Planet: Live In Paris concert. Lucky attendees of nan performance event, which is produced by Live Nation, will person earned tickets by taking actions done nan Global Citizen app. “The tickets thrust hundreds of thousands of actions,” Evans says, while nan performance itself and its A-list participants thief put unit connected world leaders and corporations to perpetrate to tackling nan ambiance crisis.

Maggie Baird, whose Grammy-nabbing children Billie Eilish and FINNEAS are some performing astatine nan June 22 Paris event, precocious told Billboard astir her ambiance activism and nan euphony industry’s expertise to make a difference. “One of nan things I did pinch Billie from nan opening was push nan euphony manufacture to beryllium much sustainably minded. I deliberation nan euphony manufacture is typical successful a batch of ways,” she said. “They person nonstop creator to instrumentality relationship — different forms of entertainment, not truthful much. A musician has a existent heart-to-heart relationship pinch their fans.”

For those who aren’t attending, Power Our Planet, Live In Paris will beryllium livestreamed connected Global Citizen’s societal media platforms connected June 22 arsenic good arsenic connected Amazon Music’s Twitch channel.

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