Lil Nas X Has Absolutely No Idea What Is Going On During Bizarre Preview of ‘Eric Andre Show’ Season 6

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The rapper looks for illustration he's going to "motorcycle done a Tron remake" according to nan host.

Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X astatine nan Versace Fall-Winter 2023 Fashion Show held astatine Pacific Design Center connected March 09, 2023 successful West Hollywood, California. Robert Smith/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

By now you should cognize what you’re getting into if your supplier greenlights an quality connected The Eric André Show. The Adult Swim bid is gearing up for its sixth play and successful a preview that dropped connected Monday (May 22) Lil Nas X is nan gonzo comedian’s latest victim.

André — who delights successful making his guests squirm arsenic overmuch arsenic imaginable by filling nan workplace pinch carny sideshow-like characters, unpredictable, viscous liquids and each mode of shocking and upsetting surprises — does his champion to propulsion Lil Nas disconnected his crippled successful a two-minute preview of nan caller play that launches connected June 4.

The clip opens pinch nan rapper taking nan shape successful 1 of his signature fashion-forward outfits, a achromatic and achromatic spacesuit pinch clunky boots that gives him a futuristic vibe. After nan location set plays him on, André makes his measurement to nan host’s table and compliments Lil Nas, saying, “you look for illustration you’re gonna f—in’ motorcycle done a Tron remake.”

Thinking he mightiness propulsion 1 complete connected nan stand-up comedian and prima of Bad Trip, Nas X wonders, “hey, do you judge successful nan illuminati?” But, earlier André tin moreover reply successful nan affirmative, a monster beneath his table screeches and tries to push its measurement done nan wood paneling successful a horrifying manner.

Like truthful galore things connected nan show, it is ne'er explained aliases moreover acknowledged, starring to a shocked look connected Lil Nas’ face. “What nan f–k is going connected successful here?” nan big wonders, quipping that he’s returning immoderate is surviving astatine his feet to nan store. “Okay,” Lil Nas says nervously while looking astir arsenic nan hiss of vapor fills nan air, pinch a microphone spraying an chartless mist into André’s face.

As Eric seems progressively narcotized, Nas covers his rima successful interest while André appears to beryllium drugged, slurring, “when you sewage videos erstwhile you sewage successful trouble?” Trying to salvage things, Lil Nas sweetly asks, “what?” arsenic André continues to ramble incoherently. “What nan f–k is incorrect pinch you?” nan rapper laughs nervously arsenic co-host Felipe punches his measurement done nan group a la Jack Nicholson successful The Shining.

Not to worry, arsenic usual, Montero will person plentifulness of institution successful André’s bizarroland, pinch different guests this play slated to see Diplo, Jon Hamm, Natasha Lyonne, Blac Chyna, Rico Nasty, Waka Flocka Flame, Lil Yachty, Cypress Hill and more.

Watch Lil Nas successful nan preview below.

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