Lizzo Calls Out Influx of ‘Slander & Hate’ On Her Social Media Accounts: ‘Tired Of This’

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"What americium I actively doing to get this influx of disrespect successful my mentions?" nan prima questioned.


Lizzo attends The 2023 Met Gala Celebrating "Karl Lagerfeld: A Line Of Beauty" astatine The Metropolitan Museum of Art connected May 01, 2023 successful New York City. Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

In a brace of now-deleted tweets, Lizzo shared that she’s been receiving an influx successful attacks from group connected societal media and opened up astir really it’s affected her recently.

Though she has complete 2 cardinal followers, nan prima has mostly been keeping her Twitter relationship locked down connected backstage to destruct nan magnitude of toxic comments she gets from haters who don’t travel her, but often chime successful connected her posts anyway. Even so, Lizzo — who’s agelong been unfastened astir nan explicitly racist and fatphobic comments she’s often targeted pinch — revealed Thursday (May 25) that lately, nan dislike has accrued successful spite of these measures.

“The magnitude of accusation n dislike I’m receiving connected a regular ground is starting to confuse me,” she wrote successful 1 tweet. “What americium I actively doing to get this influx of disrespect successful my mentions? I’m conscionable trying to travel connected this app & bask societal media for illustration everyone else.”

“Anyways I been holding my lingua cus I don’t wanna look ungrateful but I’ve done truthful overmuch cool crap these past fewer weeks conscionable for my mentions to beryllium astir really fat I americium &/or usage maine for governmental discourse.. ,” she continued successful a 2nd tweet. “Tired of this.”

Indeed, Lizzo has been sidesplitting nan crippled successful caller weeks — but what other is new? Earlier this week, she made her Simpsons debut pinch a starring domiciled successful nan show’s Sunday (May 21) play finale. Plus, it was announced Thursday (May 25) that she’ll beryllium featured connected nan official soundtrack for Greta Gerwig’s upcoming Barbie movie, alongside Dua Lipa, Ice Spice, Nicki Minaj and more.

The “About Damn Time” vocalist is besides presently walking nan world connected circuit successful support of her 2022 grounds Special. At her Wednesday nighttime (May 24) show successful Phoenix, she took a infinitesimal to salary tribute to Tina Turner — whose passing was announced earlier that time — pinch a dazzling capacity of “Proud Mary.”

Wanting to stock nan tribute pinch a bigger audience, Lizzo concisely unlocked her Twitter and posted a video of nan performance. It didn’t return long, though, for nan haters to descend.

“Alright… I’m locking my page again,” she tweeted soon afterward. “I conscionable wanted to stock my Tina Turner tribute pinch everyone… But I’m going backmost to protecting my peace.”

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