LØREN Talks About His Favorite Late-Night Snack, Obsession With Cars, Labelmate Somi & More | Billboard News

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LØREN talks astir his favourite late-night snack to eat, obsession pinch cars, emotion for tattoos, relationship pinch his Black Label mate Somi and much during this rapid-fire game.

LØREN 0:00
Hi, this is LØREN and this is Billboard News

Tetris Kelly 0:12
I do want to play a crippled pinch you, it’d beryllium really easy. I’m conscionable going to opportunity a condemnation and you decorativeness it pinch nan first thought that comes to your caput arsenic speedy arsenic possible. Alright?

LØREN 0:19
All right.

Tetris Kelly 0:20
My favourite precocious nighttime snack is…

LØREN 0:22
Instant noodles.

Tetris Kelly 0:23
Instant noodles?!

LØREN 0:24
It’s for illustration successful my blood, you know? Like, it’s for illustration nan 1 point that you’re not expected to eat astatine night.

Tetris Kelly 0:28
If I wasn’t a singer, I would be…

LØREN 0:31
A tattooist.

Tetris Kelly 0:32
Have you ever done 1 of your ain tattoos?

LØREN 0:33
I really person a really adjacent tattooist, and you know, I springiness her for illustration a really bad image of what I want, and she conscionable benignant of for illustration refines it, you know, and truthful we benignant of spell backmost and distant and she’s like, What do you deliberation astir this angle? What do you deliberation astir nan size? And past we conscionable benignant of put it together.

Tetris Kelly 0:48
The astir celebrated personification that follows maine connected IG is…

LØREN 0:50
I deliberation Somi from nan Black Label. I think

LØREN 1:00
I’m beautiful judge that’s it.

Tetris Kelly 1:02
I’m gonna spell done your followers now.

Tetris Kelly 1:03
My existent obsession is,

LØREN 1:06
I deliberation cars. I’ve ever been a car feline and I don’t deliberation I ever grew retired of it. But I precocious sewage into a car clang and truthful I request to get for illustration a rental. Right? So I sewage a Toyota Supra and that cars has been for illustration really, really fun. So I deliberation conscionable going for drives has been my obsession.

Tetris Kelly 1:19
Well, acknowledgment truthful overmuch for again for coming retired and hanging out. This is truthful fun.

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