Margot Robbie's Barbie Will Destroy Me, Personally

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Margot Robbie’s caller floor plan successful Vogue is incredible. The article chiefly dives into Robbie’s activity connected nan much-anticipated Barbie, but successful betwixt immoderate delightful behind-the-scenes anecdotes, it offers penetration connected really nan Barbie film really came to be.

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First, did you cognize that Robbie herself went to Mattel to get nan movie rights? In 2018, she approached nan artifact company’s CEO and sounded her company—LuckyChap—as nan accumulation outfit that would do correct by Barbie. After she sewage nan rights, she reached retired to head Greta Gerwig, who agreed to do nan movie arsenic agelong arsenic she and Noah Baumbach were nan ones penning nan script. LuckyChap protected Gerwig and Baumbach from “two ginormous companies”—Mattel and Warner Bros.—while they wrote nan script, and Robbie says that “Greta wrote an absurd poem astir Barbie” that apparently “shares immoderate similarities pinch nan Apostles’ Creed,” according to Gerwig. Do I cognize what this means? Absolutely not. Am I highly excited anyway? Yes. This is incredibly bonkers and I’m each successful connected nan Barbie train.

We haven’t moreover gotten to Ken (Ryan Gosling) yet. According to Gerwig, “Ken was invented aft Barbie, to burnish Barbie’s position successful our eyes and successful nan world. That benignant of creation story is nan other of nan creation story successful Genesis.” GRETA GERWIG, YOUR MIND? I cannot grip this level of absurdity and wonder. Imagine penning a poem astir Barbie akin to nan 1 of nan astir iconic Christian prayers and past saying that this movie is based connected an inversion of nan Judeo-Christian creation myth? I cannot overstate really wild, really ridiculous, really perfectly feral I americium going to beryllium complete this film.

The article states that “In Barbieland, Ken is fundamentally different manner accessory.” There’s apparently a statement delivered by nan film’s narrator (Helen Mirren), wherever she says “Barbie has a awesome time each day. Ken only has a awesome time if Barbie looks astatine him.”

There’s besides this nosy spot of trivia: “Every Sunday morning, formed and unit were invited to watch a movie that served arsenic a reference for Barbie.” Selections included The Red Shoes and The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. “They called this ‘movie church’.”

There’s truthful overmuch much here—about Ken, astir really nan Barbies recovered themselves, astir Robbie, and astir nan film—and it’s truthful evident that Robbie understands precisely what she’s doing. Even if Barbie is simply a children’s toy, location is truthful overmuch much to what Barbie is, what nan marque is, and what group deliberation astir her. This movie is going to beryllium bananas. Head to Vogue to publication nan full profile.

Barbie opens successful theaters July 21.

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