Marjorie Taylor Greene Buys Kevin McCarthy’s Used Chapstick For $100,000

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Just erstwhile you thought Republicans could get immoderate weirder, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene paid $100,000 for immoderate utilized Chapstick and meal pinch Kevin McCarthy.

Politico reported because this evidently nan astir important news involving Republicans that is going connected today:

House Republicans are bidding for steep spending cuts successful speech for raising nan indebtedness ceiling. First, though, they paused during their backstage play gathering connected Tuesday to bid for thing else: Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s utilized chapstick.

The fundraising auction of McCarthy’s utilized cherry articulator balm ended erstwhile Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) placed a winning $100,000 bid, arsenic confirmed by her spokesperson. She only began bidding aft nan California Republican chose to sweeten nan deal: He agreed to be a meal pinch nan victor and whichever donors and supporters they planned to bring along. That rate is headed for nan House GOP run arm.

The astir defining characteristic of Kevin Mccarthy that they could deliberation of to motivate group to bid was barren lips. The only mobility now is which achromatic supremacists will Rep. Greene take to bring to meal pinch her?  Maybe Speaker McCarthy tin airs for pictures pinch dudes who person Nazi tattoos?

With each passing day, nan Republican Party gets much bizarre. What’s next? Is McCarthy going to auction disconnected immoderate toilet insubstantial from nan bottommost of his shoe? House Republicans are a unusual bunch, and putting this pack into powerfulness and giving nan expertise to thrust nan system disconnected a cliff is simply a really bad idea.

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