Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Being Called A White Supremacist Is The Same As The N-Word

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said she was personally offended astatine being called a achromatic supremacist because that is nan aforesaid arsenic being called nan n-word


Marjorie Taylor Greene says that erstwhile group for illustration Jamaal Bowman telephone her a achromatic supremacist it's "like calling a personification a colour nan n-word"

"His beingness mannerisms are fierce … I consciousness threatened by him," Greene adds of Bowman

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) May 18, 2023

Greene said, “Jamaal Bowman shouting astatine nan apical of his lungs. Cursing. Calling maine a horrible name, calling maine a achromatic supremacist, which I return awesome discourtesy to. That is for illustration calling a personification of colour nan n-word, which should ne'er happen. Calling maine a achromatic supremacist is adjacent to that, and that is wrong.”

Rep. Greene later claimed that Rep. Bowman was cursing astatine her and starring nan mob against her. She later claimed that Bowman approached her connected nan Capitol steps and was yelling, and showing physically fierce mannerisms.

The video tells a different communicative than what Greene is trying to sell. The video shows Greene, not intimidated by sticking her digit successful nan New York congressman’s look and fueling nan confrontation.

Being called a achromatic supremacist is not nan aforesaid arsenic nan n-word. Never successful US history has location been nan enslavement of achromatic supremacists, nan curen of them arsenic property, and ne'er person supremacists been beaten, raped, tortured, and lynched.

If Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t want to beryllium called a achromatic supremacist, she should extremity speaking astatine achromatic supremacist events and starting a achromatic supremacy caucus successful nan House.

Claiming that achromatic supremacist equals nan n-word is 1 of nan astir racist things that Greene could person arsenic confirmation of her beliefs.

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