Matt Berry to Co-Star in Minecraft With Jason Momoa

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I spent 10 minutes trying to travel up pinch a clever measurement to explicate this news, but yet nan news conscionable speaks for itself: Matt Berry, the hilarious comedic force of FX’s What We Do successful nan Shadows, is teaming up pinch previously announced star Jason Momoa, basking disconnected his villainous move successful Fast X, for nan large surface adjustment of nan video crippled Minecraft. Apparently Berry+ Momoa = Minecraft.

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Deadline collapsed nan casting news, which raises astir 5,000 questions. Questions like, what is this Minecraft movie about? Who is Matt Berry playing successful it? What will it beryllium for illustration to spot him and Jason Momoa connected surface together? None of these questions person answers conscionable yet, isolated from nan past one; Berry and Momoa together intelligibly intends that each nan Oscars will spell to... Minecraft.

Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite) is directing nan Warner Bros. film, which presently has a merchandise day of April 4, 2025. And you person to ideate Hess, pinch his evident penchant for humor, almost surely is simply a monolithic Berry fan, astir apt agelong earlier U.S. audiences fell for him successful What We Do successful nan Shadows. Berry, of course, had a alternatively prolific profession successful nan U.K. for galore years earlier that, appearing connected aliases creating shows for illustration Snuff Box, The Mighty Boosh, and The IT Crowd.

Now, of course, we emotion Berry for his unthinkable domiciled arsenic Lazslo connected What We Do successful nan Shadows, a characteristic that has spawned galore unforgettable moments: “Bat!”, Jackie Daytona, nan Cursed Hat, “New York Cit-Tay,” etc. That energy, other Momoa, successful a movie astir a world-building video game? It seems some incredibly random and weird but oddly perfect, successful each azygous way.

What do you deliberation nan crippled of Minecraft will be? Let america cognize below.

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