Matt Gaetz Opened His Mouth And Wrecked The GOP’s Debt Limit Scheme

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House Republicans aren’t very bully astatine this. Instead of being subtle, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) referred to nan US system arsenic ‘our hostage’ while discussing nan indebtedness limit.

Here’s Gaetz:

There’s a batch of liking successful nan Gaetz audio, truthful present it is. I conducted a little question and reply pinch him earlier a House ballot earlier coming to get his views connected indebtedness limit talks. @semafor

H/t @joeposner @thejulianlim

— Joseph Zeballos-Roig (@josephzeballos) May 23, 2023

House Republicans, for illustration Gaetz, are oblivious to really quickly this manufactured situation is astir to move connected them. Do Republicans deliberation that President Biden is holding negotiations to perceive himself talk? Biden is proposing various ways to trim spending, including a hiring frost and making it cheaper for nan authorities to bargain Medicare medicine drugs.

President Biden is making a sincere effort to scope a woody because he wants to debar a default, but besides because if nan federation does default, nan blasted will travel down connected House Republicans for illustration a ton of bricks.

The inexperienced Republican House caucus has nary acquisition pinch what happened to Republicans erstwhile they tried to play indebtedness limit games pinch Obama. The nationalist backlash to Republican game-playing was strong, swift, and severe.

At slightest nan past clip House Republicans tried this, they were smart capable not to denote to nan full state that they were attempting to clasp nan system hostage and wounded millions of Americans.

House Republicans stay nether nan wishful thinking that they tin unit Biden and nan Democrats to work together to their cuts, which will make their eventual surrender each nan much spectacular to watch.

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