Metallica Singer James Hetfield Visits Wounded Ukrainian Soldiers in Hospital

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In nan midst of a week disconnected from Metallica‘s precocious launched European limb of their M72 world tour, singer/guitarist James Hetfield took immoderate clip to sojourn an injured Ukrainian worker who is receiving curen astatine Vail Health Hospital successful nan singer’s Colorado hometown. As reported by nan Vail Daily, Ukrainian serviceman Roman Denysiuk was brought to nan Vail Valley for curen done nan section non-profit Limbs For Liberty connected May 11 aft a autumn from his wheelchair that resulted successful him re-fracturing his femur and necessitating room to repair nan leg.

During his recovery, Limbs For Liberty co-founder Kelli Rohrig visited Denysiuk and while getting retired of her car she ran into Hetfield successful nan parking lot. Rohrig described Denysiuk’s business to nan vocalist and asked if he had clip to sojourn nan soldier. Hetfield said yes and reportedly met pinch Denysiuk and different Ukrainian patient, Igor Voinyi.

“Metallica’s songs are very celebrated successful Ukraine,” said nan men’s translator, Olga Milinan. “Growing up, we each listened to them and dreamed of seeing them.” The insubstantial besides noted that erstwhile nan men were asked if they were acquainted pinch Metallica, they rolled their eyes assured her, “Yes, of course.”

“It was unexpected,” Voinyi told nan paper. “I didn’t moreover judge it astatine nan first infinitesimal that it was him. It was very short, but it was a very lukewarm meeting. It would beryllium bully to meet him astatine a campfire and person a drink, alternatively of nan hospital.”

Milinan said that during nan pop-in Hetfield “wished nan men luck and get amended soon.” Hetfield reportedly appreciated nan opportunity, leaving a sticky statement connected Rohrig’s car that read, “You made my day.” Just period aft nan year-plus opening of Russia’s unprovoked warfare connected Ukraine, Metallica donated $500,000 to World Central Kitchen done their All Within My Hands charitable instauration to thief provender Ukrainian refugees. Limbs For Liberty useful pinch doctors and beingness therapists to create prosthetics for Ukrainians who’ve mislaid limbs successful war.

Metallica will deed nan roadworthy again connected Friday (May 26) pinch a show astatine nan Volksparkstadion successful Hamburg, Germany.

Check retired a image from nan sojourn below.

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