Miley Cyrus Clarifies Her Reasons for Not Touring Anymore: ‘It Isn’t What’s Best for Me’

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"This has thing to do pinch a deficiency of appreciation for nan fans," nan vocalist shared.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Brendan Walter

Miley Cyrus meant what she said astir not wanting to circuit anymore. After immoderate fans were near disappointed erstwhile she revealed successful a caller question and reply that she has nary plans to deed nan road, nan pop prima has now posted a connection to societal media doubling down and shedding ray connected her decision.

“For clarity I consciousness connected to my fans NOW much than ever,” she wrote successful a lengthy notes app introduction connected her phone, sharing a screenshot to Twitter connected Wednesday (May 24). “Even if I don’t spot them look to look each nighttime astatine a concert, my fans are felt profoundly successful my heart.”

“This has thing to do pinch a deficiency of appreciation for nan fans & everything to do pinch I simply don’t want to get fresh successful a locker room,” she continued. “Which is nan reality of life connected nan road.”

The connection comes little than a week aft nan “Flowers” vocalist told British Vogue that she wouldn’t beryllium touring successful support of her latest album, Endless Summer Vacation, moreover though it’s been astir 10 years since her past world trek (2014’s Bangerz Tour). “I can’t,” she told nan publication, calling stadium and arena performances “isolating” and “not natural.” “Not only ‘can’t’, because ‘can’t’ is your capability, but my desire. Do I want to unrecorded my life for anyone else’s pleasance aliases fulfillment different than my own?”

Her caller statement to fans echoes those sentiments, pinch nan musician writing, “I conscionable don’t want to slumber connected a moving bus.”

“It isn’t what’s champion for maine correct NOW, & if you’ve been pursuing my profession you cognize that I ever alteration and nan measurement I consciousness astir that could too,” she added. “Love you forever, I’m conscionable connected my Endless Summer Vacation.”

Read Miley’s connection below:

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