Muse Crosses $200 Million Milestone in Career Box Office Grosses

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The Will of nan People World Tour has earned much than $36 cardinal truthful far.


Matthew Bellamy of Muse performs astatine nan San Siro Stadium connected July 12, 2019 successful Milan, Italy. Sergione Infuso/Corbis via Getty Images

Post-pandemic anticipation helped accelerate a new class of arena headliners, but besides cemented long-time roadworthy warriors connected their ways to caller peaks. More than 20 years into nan band’s touring career, Muse is reaching caller heights connected nan Will of nan People World Tour. With reported information done April 12, nan glitter difficult rockers break nan $200 cardinal obstruction successful profession grosses, having earned $206.6 million, according to figures reported to Billboard Boxscore.

The Will of nan People World Tour launched successful October pinch theater-sized underplays successful awesome markets, earlier playing a quartet of shows successful Mexico successful January. Muse past traveled northbound for a due tally of arena shows successful nan U.S. and Canada, playing 24 dates crossed 2 months. In all, nan circuit has reported grosses of $36.1 cardinal and sold 402,000 tickets complete 30 shows.

Broken retired by region, it’s nan biggest circuit of nan band’s career. In Mexico City, 2 shows astatine Foro Sol grossed $6.8 cardinal and sold 107,000 tickets, eclipsing plays successful nan aforesaid metropolis successful 2019, 2013 and 2007, successful position of gross and attendance. In Guadalajara, nan Jan. 20 show grossed $1.2 cardinal and sold 13,000 tickets, up 34% from an area play successful 2013.

In arenas successful nan U.S. and Canada, Muse’s business averaged retired to $1.1 cardinal per show, marking nan band’s first North American circuit to ace nan seven-figure line. Previously, The 2nd Law World Tour (2012-14), nan Drones World Tour (2015-16) and nan Simulation Theory World Tour (2019) each paced betwixt $700,000-800,000, while nan existent tally represents a 50% summation from what had seemed to go their modular business.

Muse’s prima roseate passim nan 2000s and 2010s, reaching progressively higher until they amassed immoderate of nan biggest stone hits of each clip (2009’s “Uprising” and 2012’s “Madness” are Nos. 1 and 4, respectively, connected Billboard’s Greatest of All Time Alternative Songs chart) and past scored a No. 1 medium connected nan Billboard 200 pinch 2015’s Drones. But years beyond those floor plan peaks, Muse hits a caller precocious connected tour, backed by past year’s Will of nan People.

The Will of nan People World Tour resumes this play successful nan U.K., continuing passim Europe pinch a operation of header circuit dates and headline-festival gigs. Muse’s circuit history indicates that nan shows crossed nan pond will gain astir 20% much than nan spring’s North American dates, pushing nan circuit gross toward nan $50 cardinal mark.

More than 2 decades arsenic roadworthy warriors, Muse’s latest grosses push their profession full to $206.6 cardinal and 3.1 cardinal tickets.

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