Naked mole rats' hyaluronic acid genes can give mice a longer life

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Naked mole rats’ concealed to a agelong life is an abundance of hyaluronic acid, and caller investigation shows this constituent tin besides thief mice unrecorded longer, property slower and avert cancer

By Grace Wade

Naked mole rat genes impart ageing guidance successful mice

Roland Seitre/Minden/naturepl.c​om

Mice unrecorded longer and show less signs of ageing erstwhile fixed a cistron from naked mole rats which drives nan accumulation of hyaluronic acid.

Contrary to their wrinkly appearances, naked mole rats are masters of anti-ageing. They tin unrecorded much than 40 years – much than six times arsenic agelong as expected for a rodent their size. They besides evade neurodegeneration, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Vera Gorbunova astatine nan University of Rochester successful New York and her colleagues antecedently recovered …

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