Natalie Portman Took an Unusual Souvenir From the Star Wars Set

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 Natalie Portman attends nan reddish carpet arena for nan world premiere of Apple's "Pachinko" astatine Academy Museum of Motion Pictures connected March 16, 2022 successful Los Angeles, California.

Image: Amy Sussman (Getty Images)

While I firmly judge that whoever came up pinch nan now-ubiquitous question and reply format wherever celebrities are asked to publication tweets aliases conjecture astatine what Google autocompletes aft their sanction will ne'er spot nan kingdom of heaven, I person to admit... this GQ question and reply pinch Natalie Portman is very charming. Mostly because Portman is effortlessly earnest and reveals immoderate very amusing anecdotes astir what went connected down nan scenes of a fewer of her nerdiest movies.

There’s a batch to unpack here: she apparently took 1 of Hayden Christensen’s padawan braids and past promptly mislaid it; Taika Waititi really hide that she had been successful a Star Wars movie (or three); half nan clip she was shooting Thor there were character stand-ins for nan remainder of nan formed because of scheduling conflicts and—probably wildest of all—she’s apparently ne'er been asked to return to Star Wars? With each nan spin-offs and prequel stories being made, surely personification location has usage for Padmé Amidala.

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She besides says that she wasn’t “written out” of nan MCU—she did her clip and she’s proud of her work! And bully for her. She was excessively bully for Love and Thunder, and Jane Foster deserved better.

After immoderate ChatGPT-generated inquiries nan character deems “pageant questions,” Portman goes connected TikTok and sees a mobility astir her domiciled successful V for Vendetta, specifically nan segment wherever Evey has her caput shaved. Why not conscionable usage a bald cap? Because, she explains, they look bad and shaving your caput is benignant of fun. Portman seems for illustration a existent sweetheart and moreover if this question and reply format tin rot successful hell, astatine slightest she made nan astir of it.

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