National Archives Hands Jack Smith 16 Pieces Of Classified Docs Evidence That Could Convict Trump

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The National Archives is turning complete 16 records to Special Counsel Jack Smith that reportedly show Trump knew really nan declassification process worked.

CNN reported:

The National Archives has informed erstwhile president Donald Trump that it is group to manus complete to typical counsel Jack Smith 16 records which show Trump and his apical advisers had knowledge of nan correct declassification process while he was president, according to aggregate sources.

In a May 16 missive obtained by CNN, acting Archivist Debra Steidel Wall writes to Trump, “The 16 records successful mobility each bespeak communications involving adjacent statesmanlike advisers, immoderate of them directed to you personally, concerning whether, why, and really you should declassify definite classified records.”

The records could show that Trump knew nan correct process for declassifying records, which would rustle isolated his defense that he could declassify documents by saying that they were declassified, aliases by reasoning that they were declassified.

Jack Smith whitethorn person grounds that will beryllium that Trump didn’t make a mistake. The erstwhile president didn’t misinterpret nan law. Donald Trump apparently knew nan process, ignored, and stole classified information.

The logic why Trump’s lawsuit is different from Joe Biden’s aliases Mike Pence’s is that some Biden and Pence complied pinch nan rule erstwhile they recovered records successful their possession. There is besides zero grounds that Biden and Pence knowingly took classified information.

Donald Trump could beryllium facing national charges because he collapsed nan law, past lied to nan Department of Justice, and collapsed nan rule again.

Jack Smith should beryllium capable to rustle up Trump’s defense by demonstrating that erstwhile president willfully collapsed nan rule to return classified materials that did not beryllium to him.

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