NBA rumors: Lakers had ‘internal discussions’ about Trae Young trade

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(Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)

(Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images)

After being swept by nan Nuggets, nan Lakers are focused connected nan offseason. According to NBA rumors, that includes mapping retired a imaginable Trae Young trade.

According to Jovan Buha of The Athletic, nan Lakers are already looking to upgrade their squad aft losing to nan Denver Nuggets successful 4 games. He reported that L.A has had soul discussions into trading for Trae Young this offseason.

The Hawks could beryllium unfastened to making Trae Young disposable successful waste and acquisition discussions aft hardly making it to nan postseason and past losing to nan Celtics successful nan first information of nan playoffs. The Hawks will beryllium astatine slightest listening to offers aft failing to scope expectations this season. Young reportedly could beryllium nan adjacent superstar to petition a trade.

NBA rumors: Could nan Lakers really waste and acquisition for Trae Young?

With different twelvemonth passing, nan Lakers person much draught picks disposable successful trades. They did usage a 2027 first-round prime to upgrade their squad mid-season. A immense problem that could forestall L.A. from making a important connection for Young during nan offseason is that nan Pelicans person nan authorities to their 2024 first-round prime pinch nan action of receiving their 2025 prime instead.

This peculiar word of nan woody was not thing that has been utilized successful trades earlier and severely limits L.A waste and acquisition superior successful a imaginable Young trade. The Lakers tin connection 2 unprotected first-round picks and 3 first-round swaps successful immoderate deals this off-season.

Trae Young was sitting courtside during nan Lakers’ Game 4 nonaccomplishment to Denver. This will only summation speculation that nan All-NBA subordinate will extremity up successful a Lakers uniform. Additionally, Kyrie Irving was spotted courtside and has attended different Lakers playoff games successful nan aforesaid seats. Young whitethorn beryllium retired of nan Lakers’ value scope owed to nan constricted picks that L.A. has but Irving could beryllium connected their radar arsenic well.

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