Netflix's Skull Island Brings King Kong and the MonsterVerse to Animation

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King Kong successful Netflix's Skull Island animated series.

Image: Netflix

Since 2014, Legendary Pictures has been gradually building retired its MonsterVerse. Though it’s still readying to person Godzilla and King Kong conflict a 2nd time, it’s besides making judge some beasts tin guidelines connected their own. In nan aforesaid measurement Godzilla’s getting a TV spinoff connected Apple TV+, truthful excessively is Kong pinch an animated bid connected Netflix.

Like 2017's (pretty sweet) Kong: Skull Island movie, nan Skull Island animated bid focuses connected a group of humans who’ve made nan correction of showing up to nan titular island. After rescuing a woman named Annie (Mae Whitman) from drowning successful nan ocean, nan explorers extremity up connected Skull Island, which is afloat of gnarly monsters. But they whitethorn extremity up having a friend successful Kong, whose full woody is to conflict different monsters arsenic violently arsenic possible.

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The beasts of Skull Island look to person gotten moreover much bloodthirsty since nan 2017 movie, which makes watching nan trailer supra benignant of darkly funny arsenic immoderate of them get snatched up aliases put successful harm’s way. As for erstwhile this takes spot successful nan MonsterVerse timeline, it seems for illustration it’s situated person to Skull Island the movie alternatively than nan 2021 movie, Godzilla vs. Kong. The monster investigation group Monarch has to spell backmost to nan land and found a foothold successful nan land astatine immoderate point, and this bid feels for illustration a measurement to make that happen.

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Image: Netflix

Also starring Benjamin Bratt, Betty Gilpin, and Nicolas Cantu, Skull Island is created, written, and executive produced by Brian Duffield (Cocaine Bear, Love and Monsters). It premieres June 22 connected Netflix.

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