New Over-Sized Mega Man Slippers Are Perfect

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An image shows Mega Man looking astatine nan caller slippers connected apical of a roof.

Image: Capcom / / Kotaku

Sometimes a merchandise comes on and makes maine go, “Well, damn, that’s a cleanable idea!” That was precisely what happened nan first clip I saw these recently announced Mega Man slippers that move your feet into big, blue, comfy boots that look conscionable for illustration nan Blue Bomber’s heroic shoes.

Type S: Chiaki’s Journey II Volume 1

It’s been a fewer years since nan merchandise of 2018’s Mega Man 11, nan latest main introduction successful nan popular, long-running action platformer franchise. So while fans of nan Blue Bomber will person to support waiting for whatever comes next, they tin walk nan clip by either going backmost and appreciating really great Mega Man X’s dash jump was aliases checking retired these recently announced Mega Man slippers. Yes, those are your only 2 options. I double-checked.

As spotted by Rockman Corner, clothing and costume shop has revealed a new, charismatic brace of Mega Man slippers that move your feet into elephantine bluish boots. These recently announced slippers look for illustration fluffy (and astir apt warm) recreations of Mega Man’s celebrated boots from his classical bid look. The slippers besides see a bully detail: Red dots connected nan bottommost of each slipper that bespeak akin specifications recovered in-game. On nan sides of nan slippers, you tin besides spot 8-bit sprites and nan Mega Man logo, which aren’t specifications seen connected his boots successful nan games, but are still bully to include.

These slippers will beryllium released connected June 23 successful small, medium, large, and x-large sizes and will costs $30.

If you want thing Mega Man-themed that you tin deterioration retired connected nan street, Fun besides announced a caller brace of Mega Man sneakers. These will beryllium disposable successful sizes 6-13 and are group to merchandise connected August 14 for $60.

Finally, you tin tally astir nan parkland aliases spell to nan market shop pinch shoes that person Mega Man’s caput attached to them for illustration you precocious killed nan mediocre bastard and want to show disconnected your trophy.


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