New Video Shows Wild Brawl At O'Hare Airport, Two Arrests

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O'Hare Airport Insanity Brawl Breaks Out In Baggage Claim ... Caught On Camera

5/24/2023 5:48 AM PT

About a twelve travelers sewage into an all-out brawl astatine Chicago's O'Hare Airport pinch tons of fists flying, hairsbreadth pulling and rolling astir connected nan floor.

Check retired video, posted to Twitter, which shows guys and girls getting into nan knockdown, resistance retired conflict Monday nighttime astatine nan baggage declare area of Terminal 3.

airport punch

Unclear what triggered nan unit ... but nan segment quickly turned chaotic, and nan participants started wailing astatine 1 another.

You spot 3 men wildly propulsion punches connected nan luggage carousel. Women effort to propulsion retired each other's hairsbreadth while grappling connected nan ground. One female is barefoot, having mislaid her shoes during nan WWE-like Battle Royal.

airport swing

Thankfully constabulary arrived to break up nan conflict earlier anyone sewage earnestly hurt.

Chicago PD said 2 group were arrested because they sparked nan melee by assaulting 1 of nan women during an argument. Both suspects were charged pinch battery.

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