NFL announces a major rule change and warns more are coming

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NFL. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

NFL. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

The NFL owners are conscionable making up rules connected nan alert arsenic they spell without immoderate repercussions astatine all.

At immoderate point, we request to inquire ourselves if nan NFL owners really deliberation nan merchandise they are putting distant is simply a bully one…

This is nan astir awesome clip of nan twelvemonth wherever nan 31 owners, positive immoderate we want to specify nan Green Bay Packers as, determine what rules are going to beryllium approved by nan Competition Committee and whatnot. While I admit nan convention ever trying to beryllium connected nan cutting separator of innovation, immoderate of these ideas request to beryllium near connected nan cutting room floor. Money complete product!

So location is going to beryllium a fair-catch norm connected kickoffs that will spot nan shot astatine nan 25-yard statement to now commence an ensuing violative series. I understand nan value limiting plays wherever concussions tin occur, but we besides don’t request to wholly bastardize typical teams play much than we already do. The astir breathtaking plays successful nan crippled are gradually being taken distant from us.

This comes aft nan absolute stooge buffoonery delirium that is Thursday Night Football flexing.

Speaking connected nan caller adjacent drawback rule, NFL exec Jeff Miller cites higher concussion rates connected kickoffs and punts comparative to different plays and says unprompted: “There whitethorn beryllium much to come.”

Modeling says return complaint will driblet from 38% to 31% and concussion complaint driblet 15%, Miller says.

— Tom Pelissero (@TomPelissero) May 23, 2023

While nan NFL does a awesome occupation of dominating nan almanac 24/7/365 pinch its offseason tentpole events and its astonishing postseason, we are coming disconnected nan slightest entertaining regular play since nan early-to-mid-2000s. The convention is doing everything successful its powerfulness to make nan crippled easier for its quarterbacks. Instead, we are getting bad Big 12 pillow conflict shot shoved down our throats.

I’m successful favour of subordinate safety, but I’m besides successful favour of making your merchandise consciousness large each weekend.

NFL owners support making changes to nan rules and they are not going to stop!

You cannot honestly show maine you attraction astir nan wellness and information of nan players by implementing a 17th regular-season crippled we didn’t need, and past springiness america nan perfectly disastrous monstrosity that will beryllium Thursday nighttime flexing. I was calved astatine night, not past night. The is simply a collision athletics based connected a regulated level of violence. You don’t take football, it chooses you and that’s why we emotion it.

I don’t really cognize really other to opportunity this, but moreover nan proactive measures put distant by convention ownership consciousness reactionary. Rather than make nan officials beryllium full-time employees, we are talking astir treating kickoffs for illustration punts… Eventually, it will beryllium difficult to effort to explicate nan progressively divers viewing excavation what nan quality is betwixt a kickoff and a punt. Is location 1 anymore?

While I really do want to springiness these owners and Competition Committee participants in installments for trying to beryllium innovate, didn’t y’all massively overreact to a botched walk interference telephone successful a convention title bout? Years later, we still don’t cognize what a drawback is, but we person to springiness Jeff Bezos moreover much of our money to watch games that Al Michaels still has nary liking successful calling.

Overall, meddling is not nan champion measurement to execute immoderate benignant of advancement successful life. Oh, changes are portion of it, arsenic it is nan only changeless retired there. However, not each changes are bully ones. You person to adapt. The convention has done a awesome occupation historically of pivoting connected nan fly, conscionable inquire Zach Ertz astir that while he touches his Super Bowl ring. Unfortunately, nan dang deliberation vessel done overthank it…

While I’m really excited astir nan Atlanta Falcons this year, I’m not really emotion these caller rules.

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