NHL best bets today (Hurricanes will avoid the sweep)

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May 20, 2023; Raleigh, North Carolina, USA; NHL linesman Matt MacPherson (83) separates Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Brent Burns (8) from Florida Panthers near helping Matthew Tkachuk (19) successful nan 2nd play of crippled 2 of nan Eastern Conference Finals of nan 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs astatine PNC Arena. Mandatory Credit: James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Hand up. I admit it. I person been connected nan incorrect broadside of each azygous crippled of nan convention finals truthful far.

On nan agleam side, I did triumph nan subordinate prop I was connected successful past night’s Golden Knights vs. Stars Game 3.

So, pinch that being nan case, I’m going to springiness retired different subordinate prop for tonight’s crippled truthful that measurement erstwhile I inevitably suffer my moneyline bet, I tin soften nan rustle pinch a subordinate prop win.

Let’s dive into my 2 plays for Hurricanes vs. Panthers Game 4.

NHL Playoff betting record

  • 42-38-1 (+2.96 units)

Best NHL bets for tonight

  • Hurricanes -105 vs. Panthers
  • Matthew Tkachuk UNDER 3.5 shots connected extremity (-160)

Hurricanes -105 vs. Panthers

I person stake connected nan Hurricanes successful each of nan first 3 games. Despite going 0-3 pinch those bets, I garbage to stop. I will spell down pinch nan Hurricanes vessel of I person to.

Carolina has, from an analytics perspective, wholly outplayed Florida successful this series. If you look astatine “expected goals”, nan Hurricanes are averaging 3.34 expected goals per 60 minutes and nan Panthers are averaging 2.33 expected goals per 60 minutes.

Sergei Bobrovsky is nan logic nan Panthers have been connected this tally successful nan playoffs. He has a .935 prevention percent successful nan postseason heading into tonight. Can he support this level of play up? I don’t deliberation so, but past again I didn’t deliberation he’d support playing this good and he continues to beryllium maine incorrect nighttime aft night.

Regardless, I’m trusting nan precocious analytics and I’m betting connected nan Hurricanes to debar nan expanse successful Florida tonight.

Matthew Tkachuk UNDER 3.5 shots connected extremity (-160)

Despite being up 3-0 successful nan series, nan Panthers are averaging only 23.62 shots connected extremity per game.

Matthew Tkachuk himself has only surpassed this number of shots erstwhile successful nan 3 games this series. He’s besides averaging only 2.93 shots connected extremity per crippled successful nan postseason.

The Hurricanes request to fastener things down defensively if they want to debar nan expanse tonight, truthful I emotion Tkachuk to spell UNDER his changeable full tonight.

Game likelihood refresh periodically and are taxable to change.

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