NHL best bets today (Stars will stay alive in Conference Final)

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May 21, 2023; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Dallas Stars goaltender Jake Oettinger (29) stops a changeable by Vegas Golden Knights halfway Jack Eichel (9) during nan 3rd play successful crippled 2 of nan Western Conference Finals of nan 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs astatine T-Mobile Arena. Mandatory Credit: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

I’m becoming a unfortunate of my stubbornness successful nan NHL Conference Finals.

Despite reasoning nan Hurricanes and Stars are nan superior teams, I’m 0-7 betting connected them pinch some of them failing to triumph a azygous game. The Hurricanes were eliminated connected Wednesday nighttime and nan Stars are 1 nonaccomplishment distant from besides being sent home.

I erstwhile again person a moneyline stake and a subordinate prop for tonight’s action. I proceed to garbage to study from my mistakes truthful I’ll erstwhile again beryllium backing nan Stars.

NHL Playoff betting record

  • 42-40-1 (+0.96 units)

Best NHL bets for tonight

  • Stars -115 vs. Golden Knights
  • Jake Oettinger UNDER 25.5 saves (-108)

Stars -115 vs. Golden Knights

Despite nan 0-3 bid deficit, nan Stars person been arguably outplaying nan Golden Knights passim nan series. For example, if you look astatine expected goals per 60 minutes, nan Stars person nan advantage astatine 3.12 compared to 2.3 for nan Golden Knights.

They’re besides averaging 1.33 much high-danger scoring chances per 60 minutes.

No matter nan precocious metric you look at, nan Stars are outperforming nan Golden Knights. The biggest quality successful this bid has been goaltending, pinch Jake Oettinger of nan Stars mostly being disappointing each postseason.

With that being said, I’m going to spot he tin person a bounce backmost crippled coming and support nan Stars successful nan series.

I’ll backmost Dallas arsenic a flimsy location favourite tonight.

Jake Oettinger UNDER 25.5 saves (-108)

There’s 2 ways we tin triumph this bet. One measurement is for Oettinger to proceed to struggle for illustration he has each season. That will consequence successful either him getting pulled early for illustration he did successful Game 3, aliases for he stays successful nan nett and doesn’t extremity capable shots for him to spell complete his prevention total.

The different measurement we tin triumph this stake is for nan Stars to fastener things down defensively for illustration they did plentifulness of times passim nan regular season. They’re allowing only 25.28 shots connected extremity per crippled successful this series, truthful if they tin support nan aforesaid pace, we’re successful a awesome spot to triumph this bet.

Game likelihood refresh periodically and are taxable to change.

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