Nike Releases Ja Morant's 'Hunger' Shoes Despite Gun Vid, Sell Out In Minutes

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Ja Morant Nike Releases New Shoes Despite Gun Video Backlash ... Sell Out In Minutes

5/25/2023 9:28 AM PT

Nike mightiness not beryllium distancing itself from Ja Morant complete his caller gun-flashing incident aft each -- nan footwear elephantine conscionable released his latest signature sneaker connected Thursday ... and it sold retired successful minutes.

The scheduled Ja 1 "Hunger" colorway driblet was seemingly up successful nan aerial aft Nike erased each his shoes disconnected its tract past week ... which led to speculation astir whether nan marque was perchance going to suspend nan waste -- aliases moreover its narration pinch nan All-Star defender altogether -- owed to his off-court issues.

Luckily for sneakerheads, nan kicks still dropped connected Nike's SNKRS app ... and quick-acting fans were capable to acquisition them for $110 earlier they sold out, arsenic reports declare location was an incredibly mini supply.

Despite each nan controversy, nan shoes were intelligibly a basking commodity ... pinch a ton of group going to Twitter to definitive their frustrations complete missing retired connected nan drop.

In fact, 1 instrumentality tweeted a photograph claiming their size was sold retired wrong 3 seconds of launching connected nan app.

Of course, hopeful buyers tin ever spell to reseller sites for illustration GOAT and StockX ... but they'll extremity up paying a spot much than nan unit price. Right now, nan shoes are trading for astir $200.

Nike has been power silent pursuing Ja's 2nd video ... which is simply a stark opposition from nan Swoosh's connection successful support of its jock pursuing his first incident successful March.


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Ja signed a multi-year woody pinch Nike successful 2019 ... and was introduced arsenic its first Gen Z signature athlete.

The driblet doesn't needfully mean nan marque is going to wholly disregard nan astir caller incident ... but a breakup à la Kyrie Irving seems overmuch little likely.

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