No, This Isn’t A Journey Sequel, But It Sure Looks Like One

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The main characteristic of Sword of nan Sea is seen boarding successful nan desert.

Screenshot: Giant Squid Studios / Kotaku

A batch of watching presentations for illustration nan PlayStation Showcase is conscionable reasoning a crippled mightiness beryllium a sequel to a point you like, and arsenic a Journey fan, Sword of nan Sea had maine by nan pharynx for a basking infinitesimal during nan show.

Type S: Chiaki’s Journey II Volume 4

The crippled comes from Giant Squid Games, nan workplace down The Pathless, but its Journey DNA is beautiful evident successful its visuals. That’s because Matt Nava, nan creator who worked astatine Journey developer thatgamecompany, is besides moving connected Sword. There are scenes and group pieces successful nan trailer that look consecutive up pulled retired of Journey, from nan glistening godforsaken soil to nan measurement its main characteristic boards crossed it, if you didn’t spot nan title paper astatine nan end, you’d deliberation this was a Journey sequel. While it’s intelligibly trying to recapture nan 2012 game’s magic, it’s going to person its activity trim retired for it erstwhile it launches later this year.

Check retired nan trailer below:

While Journey was a beautiful once-in-a-lifetime video crippled acquisition that is difficult to recreate, I do commend Sword of nan Sea for conscionable really committing to nan spot of being legally chopped while intelligibly drafting inspiration from nan original game. What remains to beryllium seen is conscionable really overmuch it will riff connected nan aforesaid ideas of relationship Journey leaned into pinch its seamless, wordless multiplayer experience. The crippled seems overmuch much willing successful letting you do sick tricks connected your board, truthful it’s unclear conscionable really overmuch it will thin into nan intense framing of its inspiration.

Admittedly, I ne'er sewage astir to The Pathless, but now that it’s been brought to my attraction conscionable really overmuch Journey is successful Giant Squid Games’ work, I’m tempted to spell backmost and springiness it a 2nd look. At nan very least, it will springiness maine thing to do until Sword of nan Sea launches exclusively connected PlayStation 5.

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