NWSL Power Rankings week 8: Goals on goals on goals

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May 21, 2023; Seattle, Washington, USA; New Jersey/New York Gotham FC guardant Lynn Williams (10) reacts aft scoring a extremity during nan first half against OL Reign astatine Lumen Field. Mandatory Credit: Michael Thomas Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

May 21, 2023; Seattle, Washington, USA; New Jersey/New York Gotham FC guardant Lynn Williams (10) reacts aft scoring a extremity during nan first half against OL Reign astatine Lumen Field. Mandatory Credit: Michael Thomas Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

There are nary longer immoderate undefeated teams successful nan NWSL aft week eight, wherever teams tin autumn and emergence and move successful nan blink of an eye. After each nan upsets and upturns, present are your week 8 NWSL powerfulness rankings.

It wouldn’t beryllium nan chaotic NWSL we each cognize and emotion if location was an unbeaten streak allowed to proceed immoderate further than 8 weeks. The Spirit saw themselves dethroned by nan queen herself arsenic Marta showed up for nan Pride this week. Also, purple is successful arsenic Racing continues to climb its measurement up nan array pinch guardant momentum. And Gotham FC is putting successful nan activity to make their worst-to-first dreams travel true. Here are nan week 8 NWSL powerfulness rankings.

NWSL Week 8 Power Rankings:

1. NJ/NY Gotham FC

Gotham were nan complete package connected Sunday night, pinch an fantabulous ninety minutes from their full squad. They’re sitting rightfully astatine nan apical of nan standings and nan apical of nan powerfulness rankings this week pinch their electrical performance. They played beardown defensively, forcing turnovers from nan Reign and overwhelming their players to break down immoderate imaginable chances. They were connected nan beforehand ft offensively, playing magnificent done balls and of course, Lynn Williams scored, making this the 3rd day she’s scored on. This contributes to a very nosy stat: No different subordinate successful nan convention has ever scored connected much than 1 birthday, truthful happy day Lynn Williams. But this triumph was a squad effort, and Gotham are looking to beryllium nan comeback communicative that everyone desires, going from worst successful nan convention past play to apical of nan array this year.

2. San Diego Wave

The Wave stepped it up again this week, leaving nary room for Houston to respond arsenic they claimed each 3 points connected nan roadworthy pinch a 3-0 victory. Alex Morgan started nan crippled disconnected quickly, putting nan Wave successful beforehand wrong nan 2nd minute, making it her fastest NWSL extremity to date. The remainder of nan Wave contributed arsenic well, pinch some Sierra Enge and Madison Pogarch earning their first master goals. Sheridan didn’t person to activity excessively hard, pinch nan Dash punting astir of their shots good complete nan goal, but she still made respective notable saves and nan Wave came retired connected apical again.

3. Portland Thorns

While nan Portland Thorns had a awesome showing against nan Chicago Red Stars, watching 1 of nan champion teams successful nan convention return down nan last-place squad was to beryllium expected, which is why nan Thorns are bringing up nan rear of nan apical 3 successful this week’s powerfulness rankings. Portland’s accustomed suspects were astatine it again, pinch Crystal Dunn uncovering herself different extremity and assist, and Sam Coffey uncovering 2 assists. The Thorns didn’t let Chicago to score, and collapsed down their defense early, uncovering abstraction successful each nan correct places. Portland faces a reliable situation adjacent week arsenic they recreation down nan seashore to return connected nan San Diego Wave and nan roar of Snapdragon Stadium.

4. Washington Spirit

The Spirit suffer their unbeaten streak this week, falling 2-1 against Orlando connected a roadworthy match. After 8 games without a loss, this 1 will sting for a infinitesimal but it’s highly apt that nan Spirit will shingle this 1 disconnected and bounce backmost adjacent week. Frankly, their attacking talent demands it. While they’ve slid down pinch nan loss, nan Spirit are still vulnerable and consistent. Their lone extremity successful this lucifer came from a Sam Staab header, nan defender being incredibly objective successful group pieces. But nan Spirit struggled to take sides against nan Pride who lofted balls connected nan wings to bypass nan midfield and spell consecutive for nan throat.

5. Racing Louisville

Sneaking into nan apical half of nan array this week, Racing Louisville had a singular capacity against nan Kansas City Current. Midfielder Savannah DeMelo came done pinch different extremity for her squad, making this nan 3rd extremity successful her past 2 matches. Racing person been connected a rotation lately, making this their 2nd conclusion of nan Current successful a statement aft beating them astatine location successful a Challenge Cup match. Racing are afloat of talent, and it’s breathtaking to spot that talent yet coming together successful their 3rd NWSL season. They won’t settee for ninth spot again this season.

6. OL Reign

The Reign were retired of sync connected Sunday, falling difficult against a Gotham squad that was firing connected each cylinders. They recovered themselves committing errors that led to unthinkable opportunities for Gotham, including Lu Barnes giving distant a shot that led to nan 2nd Gotham extremity from Williams. Their defense was not astatine each connected nan aforesaid page, and they mislaid momentum from nan infinitesimal Gotham came retired connected nan beforehand foot. The extremity they managed to get backmost disconnected of Jordyn Huetima was scrappy astatine best, and they person to punctual themselves to get their heads backmost successful nan crippled earlier they return connected Angel City adjacent week.

7. Orlando Pride

The Pride provided nan header of nan play arsenic they contributed to nan convention of chaos by ending Washington’s unbeaten streak. Let it beryllium known that Marta is back, scoring nan punishment footwear to get Orlando into this crippled and assisting connected nan game-winner pinch her fantabulous area transportation work to Kylie Strom. The Pride are starting to summation momentum, unbeaten successful their past 4 regular play matches pinch 3 of those being wins. The Pride’s operation of seasoned work and rookie pizzazz could easy lead them to a playoff spot, but it’s a spot excessively early to show precisely wherever they’ll beryllium landing.

8. North Carolina Courage

The Courage could’ve pulled disconnected nan triumph past play and that’s why they’ve slipped down successful nan powerfulness rankings this week. They were awesome successful each aspects isolated from for finishing, which ended up costing them nan match. Too galore of their shots went conscionable wide of extremity which was unfortunate considering each nan activity they were putting successful to make chances. They did good connected nan different extremity too, pinch Emily Fox and Denise O’Sullivan starring a agreed defense. But a awesome capacity isn’t worthy a full batch if you can’t get nan shot successful nan backmost of nan nett and nan Courage are surely emotion that aft splitting points successful what could’ve been a decisive victory.

9. Angel City FC

The Angels traveled to return connected nan Courage distant from location this week, and couldn’t get a extremity retired of nan lucifer contempt a mates of chances. They skied a fewer balls and tapped a mates wide, having akin issues arsenic their opponent. But they besides mislaid control, letting nan Courage predominate nan crippled and power nan pacing which almost costs them nan match. With only 40 percent possession, six shots successful total, and conscionable 1 changeable connected target, Angel City sewage fortunate they were capable to divided nan points. Not to mention nan 68 percent of completed passes to nan Courage’s 86%, which resulted successful galore turnovers and near LA exhausted from perpetually moving down nan ball.

10. Kansas City Current

The ups and downs of Kansas City are akin to a rollercoaster of a play arsenic nan Current struggled against Racing Louisville this week and walked distant without immoderate points arsenic a result. There were a fewer breakaway moments from Debinha, which is to beryllium expected, but yet they didn’t magnitude to thing arsenic Abby Erceg, Jaelin Howell, and Julia Lester locked down nan midfield. The Current are consistently making bully violative runs and they are looking amended each game, but their defense leaves overmuch to beryllium desired. All nan goals successful nan world won’t matter if they proceed to get scored on. Their inconsistency successful a starting keeper seems to messiness pinch nan travel arsenic well, and hopefully, they’ll soon get a imperishable caput coach and a less-stacked wounded list. But for nan moment, they’ll person to trust connected their discourtesy generating much goals than they allow.

11. Houston Dash

The Dash didn’t return their conclusion sitting down, but it was clear from nan commencement that their tempo was disconnected ever since Alex Morgan scored successful nan 2nd minute. They had a fewer bully looks astatine extremity but managed to put excessively overmuch powerfulness down respective shots and entity them clear complete nan nett into no-man’s-land. Michelle Alozie had a peculiarly productive game, moving nan shot guardant connected nan wings and connecting good pinch Ebony Salmon to make Sheridan travel retired for a fewer saves. The Dash faltered nan astir pinch nan past touch, whether that was nan changeable connected extremity aliases nan attempted cross, things continued to autumn done nan cracks and they’ll beryllium looking to nail down those specifications complete nan adjacent mates matches.

12. Chicago Red Stars

Oh Chicag-no. The Red Stars suffered different reliable nonaccomplishment this week, incapable to respond to nan 4 goals that Portland scored against them. A squad that is desperately searching for their personality is moving retired of clip to find it arsenic nan play passes them by. They’ve conceded six much goals than nan Kansas City Current, making them the worst successful nan league by a ample separator arsenic acold arsenic being scored connected pinch 22 goals against them. There are a operation of issues contributing to this problem, but Chicago needs to re-evaluate their crippled scheme earlier they travel retired against nan Orlando Pride adjacent week.

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